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    Ebooks-shares Update and News!

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope as always that everyone is enjoying their books and finding what they want on our site.

    Remember if you want a book and request a title it is now a rule that you should donate to help the site however this wont raise a lot of funds. I will talk about donations shortly.

    At this time we are shutting the site down to new members for 2 - 3 weeks a month just to help a little with our security and to ease the work our staff has to do. Every month we will also judge if we should shut the site down for a whole month or indefinitely ....we do need new blood on site but not at all costs....our security is more important.

    We have a few of our site friends who are seriously ill at present ...I wont name them for now ....but please remember them in your thoughts and isnt easy for quite a few of our members and we hope that by getting books for no cost it will occupy your minds and help keep you entertained and educated. You are all in my thoughts!

    To new members I must say that you will not find another site like ours where we do actually care about our members and do not like having any hit and runners ....all our staff are deleteing members accounts if they download too many books at the same time...this is being done with NO Warning as it is up to you to read the Site Rules and follow them. Leechers who have been deleted have had no thought for our uploaders and this really bugs me and most members as our uploaders make this site and community uploads NO site! So I say again please stick to the Download Rules!!

    There is just over a week until the site fees are due and we have only got 54% .....can you all please try and donate isnt fair to leave it to me to make up the difference at the end of the month...remember you read as please donate and help the site achieve the fees we need.

    If any of you have any ideas for our monthly news letter please pm me on site and I will pass them on ....any favourite books or poems ...anything literary will be concidered.

    Finally if you would like to become a member of staff please pm me and we will give you a dont get paid for being a staff member but you do get VIP priveleges. So come and give us a hand .

    Thats it for now ....enjoy everyday of your lives and come on site and say hello to everyone via the Shoutbox!

    Kind Regards
    ironside and All The Staff Team