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  • digitorrent
    • 2016-10-04
      Here is a direct link to the migration page. Just please be sure you have all the information you need through the links below. Please also keep in mind that the new community is membership based and not run on voluntary donations, so once your membership expires, it will require a renewal to use most site services, but you may renew anytime you're able as your account will remain active even if you aren't. ILT Migration Signup
    • 2016-10-02
      While it is true that we can accept most prepaid and gift cards, some requirement must be met by your card policies.
      2 key points of interest when selecting your prepaid card are as follows:

      1. The card must allow for USD transactions
      2. The card must allow for foreign transactions as ILT's processing is done in Canada.

      Please check our Donation FAQ for complete details
    • 2016-09-28
      ILT will shut down all external and uploading services between OCT 1st and 3rd.
      The ILT tracker(s) will stay running until until NOV 1st.
    • 2016-09-22
      We will start live transfers this weekend. We staggered signup times to retain some structure to help our members the best we can.
      Please keep an eye on your ILT inbox for your invite PM on the dates below.

      Elite classes on Friday, September 23rd, 2016
      VIP classes on Sunday, September 25th, 2016
      All classes below VIP on Friday, September 30th, 2016
    • 2016-09-16
      For a complete update on what to expect when you migrate, including screen shots and more, check our Site Migration Update
    • 2016-09-07
      ILT is closing Oct 1st. For complete information on the initial announcement and more, please read this article ILT is Closing!

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  • DroppingDeuces
    Moved to internal tracker news.

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  • SevenW
    started a topic iLoveTorrents News

    iLoveTorrents News

    Hello member..

    We have discovered a horrible glitch that wasn't assigning passkeys to newly created accounts. This was preventing new members from downloading and kicking them back to the login screen. This wasn't affecting every new account, but most.

    This had been going on for a very long while and not being reported by anyone until this week and why it has went on for so long without a correction.

    This problem has been fixed today at at download level, so no matter how long you've been here or if you're new, if you go to download a torrent and you do not have an acceptable passkey, a new passkey will be assigned to your account that will allow downloading without kicking you back to the login.

    If you invited someone between February 2016 and today, please inform them that their account has been fixed and that they can now use the site.

    If you're a new member that has been having trouble, we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we urge you to use the tools available to you and report anything you find that may be an issue to our help desk or open a thread in our forums.

    Thank you all and again, we're very sorry for the inconvenience!