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    Hello TorrentShackers :wave:

    Slightly later with an announcement this month, however with things progressing we wanted to wait until we had more to report.

    A lot of work has been done over the past month bringing new features to work alongside the bonus points and we are very happy that this has progressed so well and now we have some items that can be used with your bonus points. The store is only accessible to Active Members +. All store items and prices are subject to change while we gauge how well the system works.

    Thanks to all who gave feedback in the forums regarding this and we hope the store is welcomed.

    Bonus Points Store
    The following items are now available for purchase in the bonus points store HERE

    Custom Title - A custom title for your profile
    Gift 1000 - Gift 1000 bonus points to another user

    50GB Upload - Purchase 50GB upload credit that can be used for promotion
    100GB Upload - Purchase 100GB upload credit that can be used for promotion
    500GB Upload - Purchase 500GB of upload credit that can be used for promotion

    Coming soon!!!
    Park Account - Park your account for 180 days
    Invite - Purchase an invite and invite a friend to the site
    Request - Purchase a request

    Improved content and speeds are still being worked on, a huge thank you to those behind the scenes who have virtually had to re-write all scripts. This is now at the testing stage so thanks for your patience.
    Please note though this is all dependant on us receiving donations and note at time of writing we are only at 50%.

    Promotion Criteria
    The current promotion criteria is being reviewed and will be changed. This is necessary with the roll out of bonus points and the fact we are working on better retention. A likely area of change will be the forum post criteria. This is your opportunity to post your thoughts in the forum (see what we done there ) for us to review pending the changes. We have listened to feedback hence these changes, so donít be shy !

    Hit and Runs
    Yes this is a moot subject but we have seen a considerable turn around retention wise since making the hit and run system live. As previously mentioned this was also under review and we have now increased the hours to 48, there will be a grace period for the userbase to adapt to this change so penalties will not be applied yet for the new increase.

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    Down for maintenance.

    This time it was planned!

    Hopefully we wont be down for too long