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    Bitsoup Non-Donor Access

    As of April 20th, Bitsoup has become an exclusive private community.

    This means that the community will be totally private and require a small monthly membership.

    Bitsoup has an obligation to protect those members who wish to have and support their own community
    without their privacy and security being assulted by external sources.

    Bitsoup will be closing and migrating to a new home very soon. The only way for migration is to be in a VIP class.
    Further information about these plan scan be learned in our VIP forums.

    Bitsoup is not a pay-to-leech site nor a direct-download site.
    Members in the Bitsoup community want to be here as it is somewhere they have learned to trust.

    Bitsoup has always ensured that you have been supported privately and securely.

    Normal monthly memberships will be 10 dollars and will contain additional discounts.
    Thank you for your support and we hope we can serve you better for years to come.