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    Joyeuses Pâques!

    En ce temps de gourmandises chocolatées, Tspate vous offre
    en guise de coco de Pâques, l'ouverture des inscriptions et un
    freeleech général pour la période du 23 mars 2016 au 31 mars
    2016 inclusivement.

    Alors soyez gourmands mais n'oubliez pas que le plaisir est
    meilleur lorsque partagé!

    Le staff

    Happy Easter!

    In this time of chocolate delicacies, Tspate offers
    as a coconut Easter, the opening of registration and
    General freeleech for the period from March 23, 2016 to March 31
    2016 inclusive.

    So be greedy but remember that pleasure is
    better when shared!

    the staff

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    Change in the Rules .. !!!

    Dear member,

    Now the Rules of Hit & Run and seedtime have changed.

    Login to your account: Tspate : Connexion

    When you complete a torrent you MUST seed (share)
    for 24 hours and you have 7 days to do it. If after 7 days your total seed
    time is less than 24 hours, you get a Hit & Run.

    Once you have been warned with 3 Hit & Runs, you are banned for three days from downloading
    immediately, and you will have 30 days to remove them, if during these 30 days you get
    2 more Hit & Runs (ie 5 Hit & Runs), you will be banned from Tspate definitely!

    To learn how not to accumulate Hit & Runs, see THE FAQ and the Site Rules.

    And remember that sharing is a sign of respect for the work of uploaders and to
    all members.

    Regards the Staff