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    Hi, welcome Malice!

    We would like to introduce you to the Dark Fantasy torrent site!
    If you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel,
    then you are a very good location,
    because of the dark fantasies led you on your way, and so did one of us.
    We can not promise anything!
    Here enlightened definitely you will not just have fun!
    Why, that's the point!

    Torrent large variety, quality and mounting hardware uploads.
    Great atmosphere which is further enhanced with the radio too!

    We are looking for:
    - Reliable, active upload them

    bravely Raise your hand, if you feel you want to be a good team member!

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    Punck-Tracker News

    Dear users,
    starting today you can follow the Facebbok on our site is what is new, made-rls eInk, frodításainkat chillingly exciting and interesting things we can serve the horror genre, and the same társalaghattok, cseveghettek.
    Click on the link below you are already a pussy tracker boxing community is:

    //pussy staff.


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      Punck-tracker News

      Dear users

      from now any cinema (camera/scr/predvd) release-s Upload forbidden ,
      as well as cinematic sound muxol DVDrip, BDRip, webdl-plow.
      Filling action: For every (properly loaded) 3. torrent 1000 seedbonus referred, once a day! So 3 torrent day = 1000 points per day + that goes by default too!
      seeding commitment of 48 hours, which should be completed within two weeks at least 0.8 as gold!

      If the 0.8's rate of success achieved within 2 weeks, you will soon be dispatched stay in seedbol .