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    Site News

    All torrents are still FREE LEECH!!

    We've also got the Direct Download RSS feed working (finally).

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    So we've been back up and running for a solid year now; up to 2,778 torrents and just a touch over 2,000 members. Not too bad at all!

    Thanks again to those who make it happen: SteWieH for letting us leech the site on his VPS, Mossimo for the fabulous style changes, icons and other visual goodies and of course, to all the members who help contribute, seed and grow our little corner of the internet.

    Shit, we even have a dedicated slot on a FeralHosting seedbox! How the fuck is that for moving things forward?

    At some point this year, we are going to start pruning accounts that simply signed up and never came back. Once that is put in place we're gonna cap open signups, install an Invite mod and make this place a little more secure and cozy.

    Until then, SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!