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    As some will be aware we have been down for the past few hours. We are currently under DDoS attack and the server has been taken offline in order to limit the damage. As always we will keep you informed as and when there is any news. Sorry about this folks - apparantly the season of good will means nothing to some idiots.

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    TVchaosuk :news

    We are still facing huge DDoS attacks and though we have got the site back online we are still working on getting the tracker back. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Thanks to you all for bearing with us.


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      tvchaosuk news

      Our recent downtime and current situation

      Dear TVC members,

      Those of you who have not been following our Facebook page will be wondering what the hell has been going on so we thought that it was time to fill you in.....

      On Boxing Day we were once again hit by massive and sustained DDoS attacks and our server hosts immediately took us offline in order to limit the damage. Obviously the pathetic individual responsible for these attacks has no respect for the season of goodwill and has nothing better to do than cause misery for others.

      Since then we have been very busy moving things around and installing better defences against this sort of attack. As you can see the site is now up, however the tracker is not yet functional, meaning that downloading and seeding is not possible. We hope that the work will be finished within the next 48 hours, hopefully sooner, and things will then return to normal.

      We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your patience and also for the many, many messages that we have received. The response to the Facebook postings was quite simply overwhelming and we are very touched by your support. TVC is a real community and it is fantastic to know how many of you feel the same way about it as we do. Many sites would have (and have) folded under such pressure, but we refuse to give in and will continue to fight for your site!

      A huge thank you also to those of you who have made donations today. With the site only semi-functional this is an amazing show of loyalty and support and is very very much appreciated. We will be applying the upgrades to your accounts once the tracker is back online and all current VIPs will have extra days added to their accounts to make up for the time lost.

      With any new changes there are inevitably teething issues, especially as we can't test some things until the site is live. We will be aware of any glitches as soon as they arise , so could I just ask you to avoid sending non urgent staff messages whilst things settle down? A thread will be created in the Help section so that you can report any glitches there, leaving the message section free for other problems.

      Happy New Year everyone!


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        Our current situation:

        Dear TVC members,

        We will still be working in the background with some further upgrades and tests so glitches and short periods offline are possible but will, of course, be kept to a minimum.