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    New Development

    Hi all,

    I have been overwhelmed by the responce from members to the news that the site was closing. The staff had a meeting tonight and some items were thrashed out and it was decided that we would research other methods of payment and fight the people who are giving us grief by doss attacks and repoting us to Paypal. We will try and make any new donation as simple as possible In other words the site will stay open.

    I would like to thank those members who have made offers of cash and I am very grateful for those offers, but I am unable to accept any of them, although we hope that we will still receive the usual monthly donations.
    Let us all work together to make ebooks-heaven even bigger and better.

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    ebooks-heaven is closing

    ebooks-heaven is closing
    Hi all

    I regret to have to tell you that despite numerous promises the last time we were in financial difficulty, very few members have enquired as to how to donate and even fewer have actually donated.
    I can not continue to pay site fees every month out of my own pocket and so the site will close before Christmas.