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    We the staff would like to welcome two new in the pack!. ubkagemand and perox arrive today in their new roles as staff members. In addition, piratedog has been promoted from moderator to super moderator.

    Welcome to them.

    Sysop staff.

    Original message:


    Vi i staff vil gerne byde velkommen til 2 nye i flokken.

    ubkagemand og perox indtręder idag i deres nye roller som staff.

    Derudover er piratedog blevet forfremmet fra moderator til supermoderator.

    Stort velkommen til dem


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    HoundDawgs: News

    The biggest eating day is upon us, and the year is soon coming to an end.

    Personally, I have invited the whole family, and a little sweet poodle
    to a big feast tomorrow nigh . But then it struck me that you are missing a christmasgift. Therefore I have given F2L throughout the rest of the year.
    So go get all the movies and series you need to get through the christmas days. Im buying teeth_smile.gif

    All of HD looks forward to all the great experiences we will have together in 2016.

    Merry Christmas everyone.



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      HoundDawgs News

      New rules for earning Invites

      Due to the large influx of users, it has been necessary to adapt the rules a little respect. Earning Invites. From now on you will get one invite when one becomes Labrador, one invite when you get Mastiff, one invite when one becomes Rottweiler, and one invite when one becomes Great Dane. Donors have until now had unlimited Invites the donor period. It will also be changed, so that from now on will be supplemented up to four invites, the every time you buy three months donortid. We are sorry to have to limit it, but it is unfortunately necessary. We hope you will welcome the changes.


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        HoundDawgs News

        Hello fellow dawgs at the kennel!

        So the time has come where the champagne is chilled and is ready,
        the grill is on and the neighbor's cat is eaten!
        We have made a New Year Medal ready to go, to all of you dawgs that pop up
        during the day so you can see that you have been here .
        Be sure to pick up the medal her
        and put it in your collar.
        Can all ( old and new dawgs ) have a terrific happy new year and ...


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          HoundDawgs News

          Many people have complained some about the amount of adult content coming up.

          We do not believe in restricting what people upload as a long as it is legal adult content that do not interfere with our rules.

          Instead, we have made adult filter that you can turn on and off as you see fit. You find it in the little menu in the top right corner.


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            Hounddawgs News

            taff udvider...

            I forbindelse med den stigende brugertilgang til HoundDawgs,
            har vi valgt at udvide og omrokere en smule i Staff.

            Derfor byder vi i dag velkommen til Prometheus.


            Staff expands ...

            In the face of increasing user access to HoundDawgs,
            we have chosen to expand and reorder a bit of Staff. Therefore we offer today welcomed Prometheus.


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              HoundDawgs News

              Modification of the DK-rule.

              We'd love to bring the nordic countries closer together at HD, and therefore we've decided to modificate the rule that says, that all torrents must have DK subs. From now on it'll be allowed to upload any torrent with either danish, swedish, norwegian or finnish subs.

              But our skilled sysops have made sure, that everything stays the same for our danish users. If you click on "rediger profil," and scroll down a little, youll see an option called "Torrent Sprog." Wing off the language(s) you want to see, and then you'll only see torrents with the language(s) you've chosen.

              We hope you'll embrace the new option.