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TorrentVault: News (72h open signup)

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  • TorrentVault: News (72h open signup)

    Open signup at TorrentVault over the weekend.

    Open Signups for 3 days, posted 11 hours ago

    For the next three days we have enabled open signups for the first time in two years to let some new blood in, Signups will close in 72hours from this post.

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    Torrentvault: News

    Signups will stay open for an extra 12 hours due to the signup page not working for the first 12hours!


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      3 hrs to go


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        Torrentvault: News

        Signups are now closed, Welcome the 2,000 new members!!!


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          Signup closed.
          But I got invites ;)


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            TorrentVault: News

            All who donate for a VIP deal(excluding the 10EUR) within the next 3 days gets 100gb & 1month extra!!!
            Time Remaining: 2 days, 23 hours and 7 minutes


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              Torrentvault News

              Hi everyone, just a quick message to anyone interested in being in IRC for the first TV Donors Lotto Prize Draw.

              Unfortunately, due to work commitments I am now unable to get out of, I have had to change the date of the first draw from Friday January 1st, to Saturday January 2nd. The draw will take place at 16:30 EST, but I will be around in IRC along with as many of the other staff as possible.

              Sorry for the change, I hope to see as many people in IRC on the 2nd as can make it.



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                TorrentVault : News


                We are aware of the issue where people cannot signup with invite codes, we are working to fix this within 72 hours.


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                  Torrent Vault:News

                  Torrent Vault:News

                  For the next 48 hours you will receive double the credits for any VIP Donation.

                  If we reach our goal Freeleech will be enabled for 7 days.
                  Time Remaining: 1 days, 17 hours and 19 minutes


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                    Torrentvault News

                    Dear users
                    Earlier this month, we promised to give FreeLeech for a week if/when the donation meter hit 100%
                    I'm happy to announce that we actually made it.
                    Therefore, we have now enabled Global FreeLeech for a week. FL will be disabled again on January 4th @ 23.59CET

                    Hi thank every one of you for the support you have provided this year, and we look forward to another year.

                    Merry Xmas and happy new year
                    // TV-Staff


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                      Torrentvault News

                      HEEELP!! Logo needed. Not For Site.

                      Hi there
                      im in need for a logo for a friend of mine for his new project
                      the logo has to say "Soul Vaper" and be in a smoke-theme, meaning text and background needs to be made in smoke effects.

                      any valid and good logo sent to me, will be awarded with 250gb and 3 invites

                      please send it as a imgur (or other host) link to my inbox or hit me up on iRC..

                      thank you


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                        Torrentvault News

                        For the next 48 hours you will receive double the credits for any VIP Donation.
                        If we reach our goal Freeleech will be enabled for 7 days.



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                          Hi lukel

                          Try The graphics thread might have better luck there :)
                          Graphic Design


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                            Donation pot has been reached so here is one week FREELEECH that will end on 6-7-16. Thanks to everyone who supports us and helps keep TorrentVault going!


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                              Changes to IRC.. coming up.

                              Hey guys,

                              Just thought i'd give you some heads up about some changes happening to ircd..

                              We are changing IRCd servers and services for irc.. this is so we can write some nice services for irc users like quicker bot and stop the bot timing out with mysql as eggdrop is just too slow for what we need.. this will include status check and search in irc..

                              What is going to happen is, IRC is going offline for a few minutes then it will come back online and you will join as usual and login like you usually do..

                              one thing you must know is Nickserv will not have your old registration.. we can not copy over the database due to incompatibility issues.. so once you get on the new server register your nick again..

                              if your irc script rely on certain things for scripts to work.. please check them over once you get on the new server..

                              Thanks for your understanding