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    Poll contest

    To mend the dreadful situation with the lack of news and declining quality of the polls, I decided to kill both birds with one stone (and to shamelessly exploit your creativity in the process), so here goes:

    Attention! Attention!

    I hereby declare the start of a poll contest.

    Here's how it will work:
    Please PM me your ideas for the polls to be featured at jpopsuki. Each week or so I'll use one of your suggestions to set up a poll on the main page. There's no expiration date for your PM, so even if it's not featured right away, it might be some weeks later.

    The reward:
    After your poll is featured, you get a custom title of your choice.
    If that's not what your heart desires, I'm open to other suggestions.

    Send in your poll

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    Jpopsuki : News

    Lately e-mails from jpopsuki stopped reaching users with Microsoft mailboxes (, @, @

    If you plan on forgetting your password, please make sure you have a non-Microsoft email in your profile (for example,@

    Also, have this in mind when inviting people to jpopsuk.


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      I would just like to add this:

      They do block services over absurd reasons, and people who try to be unblocked by Hotmail have problems reaching through their thick wall and be heard.
      I recommend you use a e-mail provider that respects your privacy and do not block out important e-mails like this, they could have at least let them go to spam...


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        JPopSuki: News

        As an official announcement does not exist, Free Leech is currently active.


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          JPopsuki News

          Attention folks!

          We're slightly changing the FLAC upload rules.
          Up till now we haven't made any distinction between FLACs split by track and single-file FLACs accompanied by a proper .CUE file. Both were good enough for us. But turns out the majority of users find single-file FLACs a hassle.

          So from now on split FLACs will be our preferable format for FLAC uploads. The rule will work like this:
          * You are advised to upload FLACs split by track.
          * It is allowed to upload a split version if a single-file version already exists.
          * It is not allowed to upload a single-FLAC version if a split version already exists.
          * For now we will not delete single-file uploads that got there before the split ones, but it might happen in the future.

          If you have a single-file FLAC upload on the tracker, you'd better replace it before someone else does it.

          P.S.: I can't edit the actual rules, so for the time being this will have to stay as "common knowledge".
          -- love, Andikki (otherwise mentioned above as "we").


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