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    VIP Torrent discussion
    After finalize a few issue, we have decided :
    VIP Torrent
    1. Only for NEW Malay Movie : VIP Torrent will mark for 2 weeks.
    2. Only for NEW Malay TV-Series & Malay Telemovie : VIP Torrent will mark for 5 days.
    3. Only for RARE Release from group release : VIP Torrent will mark for 5 days.
    4. For MP3 & FLAC (album) will permanently mark as VIP Torrent.

    NOTE : After VIP Torrent end, normal user can download it. Before it end, please be patient. Please use report button in torrent details if torrent still mark as VIP after the date that we told. VIP Torrent will count from the date release upload.

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    LTTi: News

    Invite are open for user class and above for inviting theirs friends to join this tracker. Remember! Invite if only needed and person you know, your invite is your responsibility.. If they make "mess" in here your account will be monitor too! They will have 2 days to confirm invite that been sent by you, if they not confirm the invite will expired and will refund to your invite list.

    Invite are open from 27 May 2015 00:00 GMT+8 to 30 May 2015 00:00 GMT+8. After that time invite will be freeze again and only VIP can invite. Remeber! Don't create any duplicate account! And if the person banned in here before, you can invite them in also. We will monitor every move.


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      LTTi : News

      Remember our last notice? "Invite are open from 27 May 2015 00:00 GMT+8 to 30 May 2015 00:00 GMT+8."

      So invite date will be extend until 10th June 2015 00:00 GMT+8.
      Invite your friends if they need it, please ask them to read our rules before start anything. Read the FAQ section also, and remember! no duplicates account! if we caught there are no excuses and sorry. You will be ignore forever, don't ask us WHY.


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        Open register will happen from 00:00 19th June to 00:00 20th June GMT+8

        Note : For who already have your account, DO NOT create duplicate account or you will lose all your account.

        Inform your friends or whoever you know, that would like to join us but didn't get the chance before. [em111]



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          LTTi : News

          Site News : Social Ban have been implemented.
          All user, please take a note. "Social Ban" have been implemented to the site function.

          What is Social Ban?
          Social ban will ban user to use Shout-box and Forum.

          Why I been social ban?
          Because your bad habit to broke our site rules.

          How long can I be ban?
          Minimum is 1 week, if repeated we will ban you for 4 weeks or 1 months. And after that say good bye to your social life in shout-box.

          //LTTi Staff


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            LTTi: News

            VIP Torrent period update.

            Based on my generosity VIP Torrent period have been update, I hope no more issue after this.
            1. For category Malay Movie - 7 days VIP period.
            2. For category Malay Telemovie & TV-Series - 3 days VIP period.
            3. For category Release from group RARE release - 3 days VIP period.
            - Running Man(KSN Release): KSN VIP members receives download links 3 days before anyone else.
            4. For category Audio (Album & MP3) - 3 days VIP period.

            Will update the list if we have more news.

            The above rules will be effective from the date following July 23th.