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  • XtremeZone:News

    ENCODERS Wanted

    As you may have noticed, we have 2 internal ENCODING
    teams: WeRiP, which encodes movies with a resolution of 720x304, and XtremeHD,
    which encodes movies in format 720p/1080p Bluray x264.

    So, if you are interested and think that you are capable of encoding
    movies please leave me a message on forum or send it to killyou(SysOp) with the reason why
    you think you deserve to become ENCODER for us, he will answer to all of you.

    Those that will be accepted as ENCODERS will receive the class
    Junior Uploader with a big chance to advance fast to another class.

    Note1: Those that will get accepted, but won't upload at least 5 movies under
    any of this 2 teams will receive DEMOTE and WARN 2 WEEKS!

    Note2: If you know how to make reauthoring on DVDs or Blurays
    send him a message too and explain that to him, you can get in xDVD or xBLURAY like that.

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    XtremeZone :: News

    XtremeZone :: News

    Starting today, 25.01.2015, until 25.02.2015 Xtremezone will have another all torrents FREELEECH period.

    Enjoy it!

    Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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      XtremeZone :: News

      XtremeZone :: News

      We are closed, invite only now, but only VIP+ can give invites.


      Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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        XtremeZone: News

        The staff OF XtremeZone, invites designers to show off their talents and produce:

        Avatars (Default Avatar)
        Logos (Banners)

        The reward will be to match. Details and complete rules you can find HERE


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          XtremZone: News

          The staff XtremeZone informs that the contest has started the downloader of the Month , July release .

          You can win :

          - Half of the total amount expressed in Gb downloaded torrents . ( may be an infinite number of winners )

          - The user that downloads the highest number of torrents , besides will be awarded half of the total value expressed in GB , with advancement to the next class . (only up to Class Legend User)

          - Users who download torrents of Dimes just over 4GB of categories , Documentaries , Movies / 3D - E , Movies / HD - x264 - RO, Movies / DVD - RO,

          Movies / Blu - Ray- RO, will be awarded with half the amount total in points. ( may be an infinite number of winners )

          Rules and complete details can be found here


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            XtremZone: News

            We return to competition for seeding torrents.

            The rules are very simple: if one of the torrents below reach 1,000 seeders(1,000 people who care torrent client downloads it from us on site / tracker), each of those that keep at seed will get 25 GB upload or invitation depending on what you choose for each torrent.

            Torrents are the following:


            When one of these torrents reach 1,000 seeders, please post in TOPCEM below and confirm that you hold at seed and you want to be able to award and reward check.

            Topic of the contest is here:
            or Forums -> Contests -> Contest seeding torrents!

            That said, download, download, download!


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              XtremeZone News


              Today marks nine years since your beloved site helps you discover films, series, music, games of the highest quality.
              We want to thank you first because without you we would not exist, so happy birthday to all! Special thanks, REC staff for the wonderful job they do and not least, thank you for these beautiful years, Andy.
              I came here only because of you, so we invite everyone to enjoy with us


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                XtremeZone News

                Have you ever wondered why the sky trackers donations?

                There are many who believe that money donations are for personal use, but not so. To maintain an average surface tracker you need at least $ 60. A tracker like ours at sea must be at least 5 times.

                Every site needs a domain and a server, these things are not cheap or free. Usually, trackers are closed because they have no donations, people who invest time and money to make file sharing with others, but when I see that not even minimum and Scotland, the simplest solution is to quit. I am not referring here to trackers kindest or appeared overnight, I mean the ones built by a staff experienced and admins are able.

                Can you ask the question: Why should I donate I am others with money that will donate problem is most do just to let the next one to donate and so nobody donates anything Think how much money you saved, you would have bought everything that appeared magically on the tracker?
                Support the artists: Go to concerts Sustain trackers: Donate If you wish to support us, please donate.
                Thank you for all the support. So help us maintain and offer as many torrents of quality.



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                  XtremeZone News
                  As always we want you to receive your favorite films and series at a speed as high, we established a partnership with a Seedbox Company

                  All users who purchase a seedbox this tracker from our partners are asked to post in our forum

                  The prizes are:

                  1. Dedicated conservation: 4 months VIP + 1TB upload
                  2. Premium slots: two months VIP + 500 GB upload
                  3.Mini Slots: 1 months VIP + 200 GB upload

                  To receive the award should send a message here Anonymous, you specify which of the three options you purchased + a screenshot with mail received from them. If you want to buy a seedbox but do not know how, ask and we will help! Who extends its seedbox site will be other prizes.


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                    Xtremezone News

                    we updates our rules

                    Rules - Users:

                    1. User must be minimum in order to make the request.
                    2. Those who warn and / or blacklist are not entitled to make the request.
                    Uploader + are excluded from this rule.
                    3. You are entitled to one avatar within two weeks, those who violate the rules will receive warn two weeks.
                    + Uploader entitled to make a claim once a week.
                    4. No avatars containing: pornography, cruelty to animals or humans.
                    5. Acknowledgement is made by PM or by editing the post.
                    6. Do not post avatars if you are not in the team, otherwise you will be punished to warn one (1) week.
                    7. The size avatars must be 150x250.
                    8. All avatars should contain the text "XZ" or "Myxz"
                    Moderator + are excluded from this rule.
                    9. Follow the example application below.

                    Example application:
                    1. Link to picture
                    2. Text


                    TyasZor - Team Leader






                    Applications avatars are only topic model shown there.



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                      Hello. we have some problems dedicated website where Xtreme Zone. Do not we close, we're moving! We'll be back soon with 100% functionality. Please have a little patience. Thank you.