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  • Karagarga : News

    Karagarga : News

    Join us in celebrating KG's tenth birthday

    We wish to thank all members whose input, contributions and assistance have furthered KG over the past decade.

    Please also take some time to honour the many dedicated subtitlers. Their work has opened much previously inaccessible film to an English-speaking audience.

    A sitewide freeleech of 10 days is now activated. Be sure to continue seeding ad aeternitatem.

    Join us on the forum for chat and feedback.

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    Karagarga :: News

    Karagarga :: News


    The freeleech period has ended.

    Please keep seeding.

    Power User+ can now use the add new screenshot function to replenish expired image links.


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      This news was posted on Karagarga.

      Our rules have been updated to add:
      - Asking for invites to any site is not allowed anywhere on KG. Invites may be offered on this forum thread and nowhere else. (For all users.)

      [ἓν οἶδα ὅτι] οὐδὲν οἶδα - Socrates


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        Karagarga: News

        Dear all,
        a very merry welcome back at our new domain.

        - Our data is (and always was) safe.
        - Email is currently disabled for security, this affects notifications, invites etc.
        - The tracker can't currently tell if your client is 'connectable', this should not affect downloads.
        - The forum is yet to be moved over, for now you can access it with these instructions.
        - Get your torrents working again with scripts and shit

        - WhatIMG images won't load until they have whitelisted our new domain.

        More updates to follow, many thanks to all who've offered and given support and assistance,
        much love from the KG staff


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          Anyone else have trouble logging in with their old l/p???

          Also, we're sure this is really them, right?


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            Karagarga: News

            Dear all,

            advice/help for seeding your torrents via the new domain is available in this forum topic: link

            If you're experiencing difficulty with the procedure, we suggest you speak to staff in #kg-help on the irc server:

            best, KG staff
            (For all users.)


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              Karagarga: News

              July Master of the Month

              Film/TV/Video: Groupe de Recherches Musicales
              Music/Radio: Groupe de Recherches Musicales
              Literature: Groupe de Recherches Musicales

              Pinnacle studio of squeaky-door French beards perched at the (then) new frontier of electronic music, w/ related interventions into experimental film & broadcasting, kinetic sculpture etc.

              And as usual, all English subtitles created specifically for this MoM will receive double the system bonus.

              What the GRM brought to music: from musique concrète to acousmatic music.


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                Originally posted by harvey5 View Post
                Anyone else have trouble logging in with their old l/p???
       is the new domain. You can login from here.

                Also, we're sure this is really them, right?
                You can confirm by visiting their IRC channel.


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                  Managed to log in just fine after a bit. I can't imagine it's a phishing site. If it is (it's not), it's OBSCENELY elaborate!


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                    Watch out, there's a fake! Recent announcement on KG:

                    Fake KG sites, forum back online, invites disabled - 2015-07-10 03:45:35 (1d 18:07:56 ago)
                    Beware of fake KG sites
                    The only official KG web addresses are and Anything else that claims to be KG or offers our invites should be avoided.

                    Some in particular:
           is a scam trying to make money from adverts/surveys, if you're entered your password there don't panic but please change it.

           is run by the same person, do not trust anything it posts or links to.

                    We have lost control of, if a site appears there in the future do not trust it.

                    SSL errors
                    If you know anyone who is blocked by the error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH please ask them to update their browser, or if running Windows XP try Firefox.

                    Forum is back online

                    Invites are disabled until further notice
                    But we plan to reopen recruitment threads on other trackers soon.


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                      Karagarga : News

                      Internet Security 101 here:

                      Never use the same username and password on more than one site!

                      If you do, and hackers compromise one site, they can take over your accounts everywhere else. We are currently disabling accounts that were hijacked in this manner.

                      If you have used your Karagarga password anywhere else please change it now, here and everywhere else!

                      This not only keeps your account safe, but it also helps keep Karagarga safe. We prefer that you use the same username for both yourtracker and forum accounts, but you should use a different password for each.

                      A strong password is randomly generated and includes at least one upper case, one lower case, one number, and one special character in it, and is at least 20 digits long!. Obviously nobody can remember passwords like this so you will likely need to use a password manager, such as:

             (For all platforms.)
             (Windows, Mac, Linux)
             (Android and iOS)

                      These are only a few of your options for password management. There is no need for you to ever use a weak or duplicated password again!

                      Stay safe!

                      (For all users.)


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                        I have beenwondering what happened to karagarga for a few months now, so this has provento me what an invaluable community TI is. TI has always made me a tad nervousb/c the whole invite forum thing made me feel a bit uneasy, but TI is much morethan just invites.

                        Thanks to all thepeople at TI who make this site happen.