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    Working perfect for me.

    Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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      up for me


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        yea its back up now.. ssshhheeewwwwww... that was a close one.. i love that site.. is like right? i need to find me a good 2nd site to put this seedbox on.. anyone know of a good one?

        thanks for the responses guys and gals!


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          MoreThan.TV :News

          Dear friends,

          Today it's the first anniversary of our little baby.One year ago we registered our first domain This site had completely other purpose like now, but with your help we managed to transform it in one beautiful International tracker.

          Has been one first year with a lot of happiness here, I can say without modesty, we didn't miss nothing, you, the users gave us exactly what we need. A good, patience and strong community.

          I want this day to start with V1 version of our tracker, but unfortunately the real life problems of our developers has come in our way and we must delay it . Personally, I feel very frustrated because I strongly believe one man should keep his word and I promise you guys today we will have the V1 up and running. The project it's not closed, we are at 40% of it, but we don't want to release nothing until all features are completely functional and bug free.

          On the other hand, I want to assure you that will continue exactly like that, we have a bright future along you guys and we intend to live it.

          Regarding the statistic and other things related of this year.

          We managed to have 9,285 users, but we had our last sign-up so from now one, the site will stay permanently close and we will have a limited number of invites.

          The servers and all MTV need to function are paid in advance so you will need to support us more years to come.
          The site it's running well without ratio and required seedtime and it will remain like that. We will never force you to seed or keep a ratio. Even if the tracker will grow, we will keep our promises.

          I want to close this by say thanks to :

          All our great users even the inactive ones. And I hope in the next year they will become more active
          To our donors for helping us maintain one year our seed servers. Thanks so much guys, I owe you all!
          To friendly trackers, old or new trackers, good or bad admins who helped us with an advice at begin and even now.
          To those who DDOS! us over the year, thank you very much guys, you make us more and more stronger. Without you, we could not find out failures so soon.

          Happy Birthday !

          PS: We don't forget about prizes, we will have another seedbox contest soon enough .


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            MoreThan.TV :News

            DEVELOPERS WANTED!!!

            Hi guys,

            How you already know, we are working on V1 of the site.But, how we said in the previous news we had some hard time finding developers to help. Most of them being in vacantion or not having time for P2P.
            Of course, we are on track with the curent developers we have but we are already in delay and we want to bring the V1 to our users as fast as we can.
            So, if your are skilled at any of these, and you want to help the site, please use the contact PM.
            PS: Please, don't waste our time or your time, think first if you have time and you really want to help this site, then contact us.

            Top priority :
            • Advanced MySQL & PHP skills
            • HTML/CSS
            • Bash Scripting
            • C++


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              MoreThan.TV :News

              Dear friends,

              Today we will work to update our autoupload bot. If you see some old torrents uploaded by BotTest without seeders, just know that it's a test and you shoudln't download it.

              Also, we will start to offer in beta test to our Donors/VIP's and close users [MENTION=87268]more[/MENTION] emails, VPN services and IRC Bouncers. The emails we expect to be available this month.

              After that, we hope to cover more users, starting with Engineer and Gaffer.

              Stay tuned, the sun will shine around here this Fall/Winter


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                Thanks for letting us know!!

                Improvements that will bring the change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  MoreThan.TV :News

                  Dear friends,

                  At this moment while we are working on v1 of the site, we will go and sort also the promotion system and bonus points calculations.
                  I will start this post first, with the promotion system.
                  Our community has put their opinion here, we have chosen all of them and put them into a spreadsheet, for easy reading.
                  Now, what we are asking from you, is to vote on what promotion system, you want for the site, and of course, the one that will be implemented.
                  Though, don't rush to vote on the easier system, nothing fun in that
                  The poll will last just one week, after this, we will start again, with a community discussion about the seedpoints formula and how the seedpoints will be awarded to everyone.
                  So, dear community, we have some work to do together, because after that we will need to create an achievement system, badges and so on.

                  You can vote for the Promotion System here or on index page.

                  Hope you had a nice start of the week!


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                    is this site invite m8 ??


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                      Originally posted by balingo View Post
                      is this site invite m8 ??
                      Yes, it is invite only. I just checked the site and I can assure you that in the invite section of this review is up to date:



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                        MoreThan.TV :News

                        Dear friends,

                        With the success of our last community vote which decided our new promotion system, we have a second item to be decided by our users. This time, it's for our new bonus points system.

                        Since the promotion system and bonus points system are tightly associated, we want our community to get what they wish for, and thus are opening another poll to help make the decision.

                        We have had numerous systems suggested to us both in private messages and posted on the forums. We have narrowed down the selection to a final two we feel actually met the requests we made of our users.

                        You will be able to vote here or on the main poll present on our index page.

                        I would also like to take the opporunity to let you know we will have some news regarding invites that will arrive very soon.

                        I hope everyone takes a few minutes of their time to read the bonus point systems suggested and to vote for the one you feel best fits your needs.


                        /MTV staff


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                          MoreThan.TV : News

                          Christmas Theme

                          We are sorry we couldn't provide a better theme but

                          since the work on V1 still going on has been hard to modify it again to original theme.

                          So who wants a little Christmas spirit just change to mtv_light_gloss.


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                            MoreThan.TV: News

                            Happy Holidays from!

                            Dear Brothers and Sisters,

                            After over a year, we will be spending our first Christmas together. Usually at this time of the year, something is copy and pasted from the internet and mailed to you. We have decided to go one step further and we hope you enjoy our simple words from the heart.

                            First off, we would like to wish you, your friends, your family, even your enemies a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (and belated Hanukkah). We hope you find you strength, health and peace these holidays, because those are the most important things in life. Love your families, love your kids, and love your pets. They are so important and will be there for you through good and bad.

                            Now... back to the tracker. I'm very happy as we managed to do something that others usually don't care about. We managed to run this tracker together. We didn't have any arguments arise about what we've been doing, and we're all in this together and we hope the following years to continue this. As expected we've also had some issues, like slow development. So I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying with us, even those who could have gone to another tracker with more features, or traders. But look at us now, we are stronger than ever and we have a bright future in front of us.

                            I would like to take a moment to discuss your accounts as this mass email will be sent to all users, active or not. All accounts, inactive for more than two months will be deleted (NOT disabled) starting after the holidays. You CANNOT recover your account afterwards. That's it.

                            Thanks again for sticking with us, we have a lot of surprises around the corner and we're keeping our fingers crossed that Santa himself can deliver a few of them! All our staffers have created a personal message for the users, which you can find on our home page. Enjoy the holidays!

                            With love,

                            Last edited by lukel; December 24, 2015, 05:14 AM.


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                              MoreThan.TV : News

                              MTV Recruitment

                              Hey guys,

                              Hope you all had a great Christmas! The holidays are a time of giving back to people who have helped support you through the past year.
                              Because of this we have decided as a community to open our doors for new members one last time before the holidays are over.
                              The recruitment channel will be open for the next three days for anyone who wants to get in. So tell your friends,
                              tell your family, tell your enemies to get in here while they still can!
                              Please remember it is the holidays so we may not be able to respond immediately, be patient and we will respond when we’re available. Thank you!

                              Here's the info you may need :


                              Or via irc client.

                              Server : Channel

                              You will need also to use pastebin since there will be an interview.

                              The interview period will be betwewn December 28th-31st, 2015


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                                Morethan.TV NEWS

                                UPDATE : Holidays interviews are closed. Welcome to new members, we wish you to find a new home here. If you need any assistance don't forget to PM any staffer or post on forum, the community will help!