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    My dear friends, Iím wishing you all the blessings of a wonderful Christmas time and I hope you feel all the job this holiday season has to offer.

    The staff of hope you have a fantastic Xmas and a wonderful New Year.

    We thank you for all your support, its much appreciated and long may we all continue being together in 2015


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    We have recently hit an important milestone in developing our user-base and we would like to thank you all for it. Even though it may not seem much in comparison with other established trackers, 2000 users is a significant step forward and we are truly grateful for each and every active user.

    To show you how much we appreciate it we and our friends at Tuvix Hosting thought up a contest


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      Morethan.TV : News

      It has come to our attention that for many users who use automation software like autodl-irssi and SickRage there have been SSL connection issues. This issue is not just specific to MoreThan.TV.

      In the case of autodl-irssi just update it to the latest version which is community-v1.54 (2015-04-30) as described in the blog post linked below.

      For Sickrage on Linux systems (also confirmed to work for CouchPotoato, and may work for other software), run the following commands found at :

      sudo apt-get install build-essential python-pip python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev
      wget -O - | sudo python2
      sudo pip install -U cryptography ndg-httpsclient pyopenssl

      If you would like to discuss this issue, please do so on the following blog post.

      Blog Post:

      Now for the good news, we now have a working provider script for CouchPotato that we will be releasing shortly.



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        Morethan.TV : News

        Dear friends,

        We just passed two more important milestones; 7,000 users and 100,000k snatches. For a small beginning tracker this means a lot. Obviously this is nowhere near other general trackers, but in only 8 months it's quite an accomplishment. The work on the site will continue even more than it is now but unfortunately we have bad news for those of you who donít use your accounts.

        In the next weeks there will be a mass delete of unused accounts, and those who don't login to their accounts at least once a month will have their accounts disabled.

        The goal of this tracker has always been quality not quantity so we will be implementing some invitations restrictions, invites will be more expensive in the market and a maximum of 3-4 invite threads will remain on other private trackers. These actions are meant to help us build a small but active community that is trusting and safe, with users who care about the hard work has been put in.

        As youíve seen weíve been trying to create our own collection with airing tv shows and finished tv series but this is a lot of seasons! We will try to keep the torrents uploaded on permanent seed on a gigabit connection, but keeping these torrents alive does not depend only on us or uploaders, it depends on the community as well. We promise we will keep them online as much as possible.

        We don't intend to become a tracker without available invites. We are just trying to limit the invites because a lot of users just registered and didn't use the account or keep it like a backup. We can't ask to become everyone's favorite tracker, but we can't afford to keep the users in the database who only download when their main tracker is down

        In other news Couchpotato is now supported here like SickRage, autodl-irssi, and RSS feed. If you would like a specific software to be added to the site just PM one of our staffers. We know a lot of people are based on these and it helps normal users with low speed.

        Like other milestones we have another contest for you with VIP and seedbox prizes offered byTuvix Hosting. The contest will be for the best movie collages. The best three collages will win, you can find the thread with the rules here.

        We wish you all a great Monday!

        /MTV Staff


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          Dear friends,
          Unfortunately, we had another DDOS these days. As you probably noticed, the website and the tracker have been working without problems. But at this time the mail server does not work, and the stats are not being counted properly.
          This means that, currently, you can't send invites and your bonus points are not being counted.
          We did our best to mitigate the attack, but some things got affected and still need to be fixed. We hope we will do it later tonight.
          We are sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience, as always.


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            A tracker should not host their own mail server, instead they should use mailgun, its simple and they can handle a attack far better than most.
            "Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more." - Nikola Tesla


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              agree with Rick
              Special thanks to SiniuS for VIP giveaway and those who supported me!
              Shadowbuild is the true master


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                Morethan.TV: News

                Mail server it's up and running, invites can be send! Also, the invites you send during the DDOS should be arrived at the destination.

                In case one of your friends didn't receive his invite, please contact us.

                Bonus points and stats also works.All site features are at 100%.


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                  Morethan.TV: News

                  MTV Summer Recruiting has begun !

                  We want our development at the site to move faster and for that we open our doors again for new devekioers.

                  So if you want to help this community grow, give a hand and have a great "internship" during the summer, look at this thread and see if you have what we need!

                  Also, we have two positions for FLS staff.For this we require :

                  - High English skills. ( more language would be an advantage )
                  - Experience in P2P.
                  - Free time.
                  - And other things which will be in the "interview" .
                  If you want to apply, please contact one of our staffers or join on irc!

                  Have a nice sumemr boys! Now, close this page and go to the beach! ( surf on from mobile )

                  We love you!


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                    Dear friends and enemies (lol) ,

                    We stand here and ask ourselves, why do people DDOS sites? Why would they spend money on this?

                    They want our site down? Why? We are not a threat to anyone. But now we intend to be. So after this recent DDOS we will open the sign-ups again to grow and grow and grow for a limited time.

                    Also, we will invest more and more, and buy new servers and protection so it will be harder than ever to even try to bring us down.

                    Now, let your friends know MTV free sign-ups are open for 3 days!

                    Welcome to all new users! We hope you stay and help this community grow, we certainly will not give up!


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                      MoreThan.TV: News

                      Dear friends,

                      We want to, in the first place, wish a warm welcome to our new users and we hope they will enjoy and respect the site in the same way our oldest users who have been with us from the start did.

                      First I want to tell you guys, because I see some confusion between you: This is a non-ratio site without HnR rules.
                      What does this mean exactly? If you download something and you do not seed you will not be punished in any way. You may ask yourself how this is better for this site.

                      That's a valid question. But us and the community have a gentlemen's agreement, which we are proud of. We started this 3 months ago and the numbers and the math never lie. The seeders/lechers ratio are mostly perfect and we really hope we can be proud of you aswell and that you will help maintain this.

                      But this does not mean here you will find a private PirateBay. No, we have strict rules, one of them which has 0 tolerance, so you should take 10 minutes from your time and read the wiki. If you need any help/support feel free to join our irc #help channel or PM us.

                      Like we said after the last DDos we have the intention to grow so we are going to have one last open sign-up which will coincide with our one year aniversary and MTV v1 (which is under construction).

                      Another thing we have to mention about our community is that all decisions we take here we take together: the class names were created by the community, the new layout will be decided by the community, and everyone of you, old or new, can have an opinion regarding this here.
                      Also, our tracker is still young but if you see packs or movies with one seeder, don't be afraid to take it. All our packs are hosted on a 1 GBline and you will get the max speed possible.

                      This being said, welcome to and we hope it will feel like home!

                      MTV Staff


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                        MoreThan.TV: News

                        Dear friends,

                        Our way to Version 1 and a proper TV/Movies tracker it's at 30%. We finished the hard part by creating the new pages : tv.php and movies.php which will results in three pages.

                        Torrents.php a blank page where you can find all torrents.
                        TV.php only tv
                        Movies.php only movies.

                        With those two new pages we will add more pages like : indexer.php for movies reviews.php for both/tv and movies schedule.php for tv and maybe in future much more.

                        We create this announe not only to inform you about the development but also to remind you can tell your opinion here : forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=618 regarding all new pages and if you think we need to change something at them.

                        Also, in V1 will enter all your suggestion from forum and bugs and we will hope the site will be how you wanted from first time.

                        We have a deadline for this and we hope from all our hear to finish it until our 1 year aniversary in 56 days.

                        With respect and love,
                        MTV Staff.


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                          MoreThan.TV : News

                 Summer Contest

                          Hello MTV'ers,

                          It's that time of the year again; the sun is out, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, it's summ... no, its Contest Time!

                          Thanks to our friends over at Tuvix Hosting, we have some awesome seedboxes! and other prizes to give away to you, our fantastic users who make this site what it is.

                          This time round we will be having a "Guess The TV Show" contest. Anyone can play and it's super easy to do so. You will be shown a number of gifs and you have to work out what TV show it is from and give a brief description of what is happening in each scene.

                          We hope for this to be the first instalment of a long running series so expect to have plenty more opportunities to win in the future!

                          Read on to find out what prizes you can win, how to enter and some very simple rules.


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                            Is Down for Anyone else?

                            hey guys, its my main "DVR" for my plexbox. anyone know whats up? getting the cloudflare error, didnt know if it was cloudflare or what?

                            any news would be awesome!

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                              yup down
                              Special thanks to SiniuS for VIP giveaway and those who supported me!
                              Shadowbuild is the true master