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    New Rules For ExDesi Groups

    Due To Recent Conflict Between Few Group Members We Have Decided Few Things For Both Internal And External Groups Of ExDesi.

    1. No Group Member Will Comment On Other Group Release Regarding Quality or Suggest Anything.

    2. If Any Group Member Wanna Comment On Other Group Release Then You're Only Allowed To Comment Thanks Nothing Else.

    3. Anyone Found Making Suggestions Or Comments Regarding Quality Which May Provoke Releaser Will Be Banned For 1 Week And Comment Will Be Deleted.

    4. Any Group Member Trying To Make a Scene In Public Will Be Banned For 2 Weeks.

    5. Don't Disrespect Any Staff Members No Matter What Staff Rank They Have, They're Always Superior To You.

    6. If You Think Something Or Someone Is Wrong About Anything Use Report System. Do Not Create Topic In Public.

    7. Do Not Use Inappropriate Words With Or Without *.

    8. As Of 08/12/2014 Anyone Found Using Inappropriate Words Will Be Given Infraction Not Warning Doesn't Matter If You're Most Respected Member/Uploader Here.

    9. These Rules For Every Internal And External Group Releaser.

    We Have Given You The Privilege To Upload Here So Make Good Use Of It. Every Member Is Equal Here And Will Be Treated Equally.
    No Need To Brag Around About How Much You Know Ripping Or Not. Just Rip And Upload Here If You Want To. No Need For Show Off.

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