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    New bonus point options! We've added additional options to our Bonus Points page! It's now possible to 'buy' personal FL with your hard earned bonus points! You can earn bonus points by seeding, uploading subtitles, or fullfilling requests. Happy leeching! Note that personal FL is also valid for servers/seedboxes. Additionally, you can make a torrent of your liking "featured" with BP, so it will appear at the top of browse.php for everyone to see! The chosen torrents will be made featured in the order of which our users bought them, so there will probably be a queue at some point.

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    HDBits : News

    HDBits : News

    New bonus point earning system!

    As stated in the thread about the new bonus point spending options, we've also revamped the earning side of the system. Now the earning potential is much larger due to the removal of the hard limit of number of torrents that count for getting BP, while at the same time keeping it as easy as possible for those who depend on bonus points for the survival of their account. Go to the bonus page to see how much BP you're earning at this moment!


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      Password change

      As a preventative security measure we have decided to force a password change on our entire userbase. We will do this regularly for people who haven't changed their password in a while.

      Make sure your password is secure and unique to this site! You will not be reenabled if your account is somehow compromised!

      Note that your irc invite key will have changed too after the password change.