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    Originally posted by Awesome-HD
    Invites to the following trackers are now prohibited from being shared in our Invites sub-forum (accessible to HD-Pro+):

    • IPTorrents
    • TorrentDay
    • SceneTime
    • TorrenTing
    • Deildu

    The current ruleset can be found here (available only to HD-Pro and up)

    Any existing invite threads for said trackers have been trashed and any member creating new ones will be immediately warned.

    Over the past several months it has come to light that the owner of these sites (they all share a common owner) as well as some of his staff members have recently and in the past engaged in extremely reprehensible activities, including, but not limited to: stealing of peer lists from other trackers (including BTN and SCC), attacking other trackers (including PTP) with DDoS attacks, and the trading and selling of invites as well as stolen accounts. In addition to the above, these trackers are also run completely for-profit, will often randomly disable members in order to extort "donations" from them, and sell access to the site in return for "donations". The owner has responded to such criticism with shilling and further attacks. Such actions are, to say the least, unbecoming of a private tracker.

    In retaliation for the above, the personal information of the owner of these sites has recently been exposed to the internet as well as the details of the other non-tracker sites he runs and the paypal accounts he holds to channel the massive profits he pulls in from his tracker network. We have had no part in the "doxxing", nor will we link to it here, but the information is available on the web for anyone who wishes to know more.

    We would like to urge all our members to stay away from these sites. The safety of our own users is our first and foremost concern, and these sites cannot and should not be considered safe. Do not support IPT and its sister sites with donations, content, seeding, or tracker activity of any kind, and certainly do not recommend them to your friends or invite them. If you are a current user of these sites, the sooner you sever your connection to them, the better the entire private tracker community will be for it.

    There are countless alternatives which are run in a much more ethical and secure manner, sites which are far more deserving of your support. Please seek out these alternatives if you are looking for a general or scene/0day tracker.

    The Staff

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    I bet you're the kind of guy that
    would fuck a person in the ass
    and not even have the godda*n
    common courtesy to give him a
    reach around. I'll be watching you.

    'Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    Thanks, gblaze

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    Finally I see a Tracker stand up for what they preach regarding making money off torrenting. Lets see if any others follow
    only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men


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      All this situation lately, start to be interesting!


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        Awesome-HD : News

        We currently have a few positions open for developers and designers to come and join the team here at AHD. What you will be doing is working on fixing outstanding bugs in the current codebase, implementing the next version of AHD and possibly some other stuff that we haven't thought of yet.


        Essential Requirements:
        Solid knowledge of PHP and SQL
        Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

        Desirable Requirements:
        Experience with gazelle
        Experience with LESS
        Previous activity and dedication to the site (whether posting, IRC, uploading etc.)


        Essential Requirements:
        Strong design skills
        Ability to create good looking images
        Solid Knowledge of CSS

        Desirable Requirements
        Experience with LESS
        Experience with Javascript
        Experience with grunt

        If you're interested and think you've got what it takes, send an application via pm to jrsdead.

        Here is a template to get you started:

        Write some info about yourself here and why you should be given the role

        - List all your programming experience and ability.
        - List Graphic Design ability

        Cool feature ideas:
        Write about a couple of things you might want to implement on the site

        Other projects of note:
        - Some things that you made that show your capabilities
        e.g. a website you created
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          @SmeadaAlex mind what you post on our Forum. You will not be warned again
          only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men


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            Awesome-HD : News

            Awesome-HD : News

            Inactivity Changes

            We have taken the decision to change our inactivity rules. As such any user who does not login in to the site at least once every 3 months will be disabled (seeding does not count only actual site activity does i.e. viewing pages) - as usual HD-Pro and above are immune from this. This will go into place as of the 8th December. Any users who fall into this for disabling will have received an email.

            The Staff


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              Awesome-HD: News

              AHD's Memorial for Sir Christopher Lee

              It is again time for one of those bitter moments that we have to say goodbye to an icon. The legendary actor died on Sunday at a London hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for respiratory problems and heart failure.

              Join us in saying goodbye to a scholar in acting and the master of the macabre, Sir Christopher Lee.

              Thread on the forum: Forums > News > AHD's Memorial for Sir Christopher Lee.

              All existing internal and user movies and series that featured Sir Christopher Lee are set to 100% freeleech for a few days:
              Dracula (AKA: Horror of Dracula) [1958]
              The Man with the Golden Gun [1974]
              The Last Unicorn [1982]
              Gremlins 2: The New Batch [1990]
              Sleepy Hollow [1999]
              The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [2001]
              The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [2002]
              The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King [2003]
              The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [2012]
              The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [2014]
              Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones [2002]
              Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith [2005]
              Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2005]
              Corpse Bride [2005]
              The Golden Compass [2007]
              Season of the Witch [2011]
              The Resident [2011]
              Hugo [2011]
              Dark Shadows [2012]
              Alice in Wonderland [2010]

              The Staff


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                AwesomeHD: News

                AHD Encoder Recruiting:

                We the staff at AHD are always on the lookout for new encoders to join the internal team as such we have decided to open the doors outside of AHD and as such would like it if you would share the below message with anyone you know.
                Would you like to join a team dedicated to working on creating the best looking encodes on the Internet? Well, now is your opportunity. The staff and internals of AHD are throwing open their doors to anyone who has the ability to encode or the desire to learn. Now, we haven't gone completely crazy and are letting any Tom, Dick or Harry in. Yes, anyone who agrees to take up this challenge will be given an invite, however, there will be conditions involved. The main one being that you are prepared to release material on a regular schedule. If you accept and are invited you will be required to follow along with the user-release program that exists at AHD which means releases must be approved by staff/internals and follow the AHD Internal Release Group Standards until such times that your work has proven to be of the correct level.

                If you believe you are capable of doing this email us on [email protected] with details of you encoding experience (if you have none say so - we are happy to work and train people provided they have the desire to do it, but anyone found to be doing this just for the invite will be banned permanently).

                The AHD Staff

                P.S. we have a one account per lifetime policy. If you have had an account previously let us know in the email. You will be discovered if you don't.

                P.P.S Let your friends know spread this message!


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                  Recent Events - posted 9 hours and 41 mins ago

                  As you may have noticed we have been experiencing some issues recently here at AHD. This is due to ongoing attacks on our infrastructure, our tracker having been null routed twice requiring us to set up a new server to allow the tracker to return. Be assured we are doing our upmost to keep everything up and running at this time, please bear with us as we work our way through this. We will keep you updated as much as we can.

                  The Staff


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                      Tracker Update - posted 11 hours and 31 mins ago

                      As many of you know, there have been some issues with the tracker. First, the site infrastructure was attacked, which took the tracker offline. Through work with one of the hosting providers, it was put back online after a few days. This was, however, a waste. A few hours after returning, the tracker was attacked and null routed again. After another discussion with our host, it was decided that it was time to move on and switch hosts. So, another host was used and DDoS protection was added for the tracker. It was here that we hit a snag - DDoS protection was also filtering legitimate traffic in addition to the traffic generated from the ongoing DDoS attack. This is where we had to go back to the drawing board and rethink our infrastructure.

                      So it is with this that we have come to our current solution. There is a new default tracker url - This is now the default across all torrents that are downloaded from the site. However, we have also kept the old tracker - - around so as not to needlessly lose those peers that were pointed to the old url. We will be moving away from that old url in the future, but will give plenty of notice as to when that will happen.

                      If anyone is still having issues connecting to the old tracker even after restarting your client to catch the new IP change, there are a number of options:


                      • Redownload the torrents from the site and point them at your existing data.

                      We once again would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused during this period and would like to thank you for your patience and help.

                      The Staff


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                        Awesome-hd.: News

                        Global Freeleech on AHD!

                        Happy Holidays!

                        As you are hopefully aware we have added a new tracker to the site to replace the old one in the long term.
                        This has alleviated our issues from the DDoS that was ongoing at the time.
                        What we now need is to stress test the moose and because this is the season of giving we thought the best way to do so was to give back to you our users with a global freeleech.
                        Now for every Santa there is a Grinch and this one is the freeleech will only be happening on moose ( will be shut down during the entirety of this period) s
                        o if you want to make the most of it and help us stress test the moose move all your existing torrents over to the new url and grab some more new ones!

                        The staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy holiday season,
                        be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Star Wars Celebration. Thank you for a wonderful 2015 and here is hoping for many more! <3


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                          Awesome-hd.: News

                          Happy Holidays! Welcome back to a DDoS! Moose has been standing up well to it - irc and a few other services however did not.

                          We are currently working on bringing irc back from the dead, with a stronger more resilient network. This is taking longer than assumed due to the holidays (and getting the staff to sober up long enough to get it sorted out) but should be sorted by the end of the week.

                          Now for the bad news we will not be bringing back whilst we are under attack and we will also however not be continuing the freeleech either. So consider this your notice that the freeleech will end on Thursday(31/12/15) at approximately Midday GMT.

                          We will be looking at the issues that some of you have been having and trying to squash those final bugs. We wish you a continued season of holiday joy

                          The Staff


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                            Awesome-HD(AHD) News

                   is now

                            ''As you are aware we have had some domain trouble. We arranged payment of the domain and expected everything to go as normal however this was not the case. The domain registrar accepted payment and re-registered the domain but instead reset all DNS entries to point to a domain holding page. After raising numerous tickets and emails with them we have received no response so have been forced to go with plan B. We are hereby announcing that we have a new domain: this will be followed by a backup domain in a few days.

                            We would like to thank all of our users and the community as a whole for your understanding during this time The Staff''

                            Check the website for details about the tracker and IRC domain change.


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                              AHD - 7 Years and Counting

                              7 years since we decided to build a site, a site that we could call home. A home were we could all share in material of the highest quality.

                              Well, as with most homes, some people move out, some people stay and others just... exist. AHD has been the home of many over the last 7 years.
                              Some of you reading this may remember the first few months when the walls and pages looked quite different than they do today. A lot of renovating has been going on, and is still going to this day.
                              Others may just have unpacked their bags and are exploring the place, looking around for treats.

                              We have a few more treats in store for you for the next 7 days, as a way of saying thanks to all of you for supporting us over the years. There wouldn't be AHD without you.

                              To kick things off we have some movies handpicked by the staff, these staff picks will be freeleech for the entire 7 day birthday period.(Only torrents that are uploaded at the time of this announcement will be freeleech. Any torrents uploaded after will be treated as normal)

                              • The Bone Collector [1999] chosen by yur1
                              I really enjoyed this movie, I have probably watched it over 10 times and would still keep watching it. unique in how the story develops and the good work of the two actors
                              • Full Metal Jacket [1987] chosen by jrsdead
                              Kubrik takes to the Vietnam war and how life in the armed forces can change someone.
                              • Gattaca [1997] chosen by MSA
                              One of a kind movie about prejudice set in a very believable future. It being a science fiction film helps make it more effective by allowing us to feel the emotions of the characters with little of our own history getting in the way. Keep an eye out for some subtle details throughout the movie, like in the opening and ending credits. Might as well wait until the credits are done too.
                              • Gilda [1946] chosen by glorpsd
                              Casablanca is at or near the top of just about everyone's top 100 list. This is Casablanca if it had been made in Bizarro-land. Where every character in Casablanca is good and noble (Nazis excepted of course), here every character is as nasty, self centered and unlikable as can be. But it's all the same characters, settings, intrigue. Plus you get to see the girl most G.I.s had the serious hots for during WWII sing and dance.
                              • Inside Out [2015] chosen by doctorx
                              The reason I picked this movie is because it is a really darn good animation movie. As I tend to do, I watched this movie without watching ANY trailers. Was expecting something else, and I really was not expecting something so complex in a kids-oriented movie. This movie does a very good attempt at explaining in different ways how our minds work, the choices we make, the choices we make based on our feelings, and the list goes on. In my opinion, it's the best (or one of the best) animation movies of 2015. I hope you enjoy this gem as much as I did!
                              • The Lego Movie [2014] chosen by tehlarsie
                              1h40m Lego commercial, but in a good way.
                              • Moon [2009] chosen by messienc
                              Probably one of best Sci-Fi movies of the last decade. Sam Rockwell is awesome in it and it's a great take on the human condition.
                              • Prisoners [2013] chosen by Amelandbor
                              This is one of the best thrillers I've seen lately, with great acting performances and a nice gritty cinematography.
                              • The Ring [2002] chosen by radigast
                              Unique spin on an overdone genre. Great mood setting and twists. Frightens me every time.
                              • Tombstone [1993] chosen by Purgatory
                              Im your huckleberry. - This movie made me love Westerns all over again. Outstanding cast and Val Kilmer's optimum partes, ever. Very cosmopolitan.

                              The Staff

                              p.s. keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon.