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  • Filelist - Torrent categories changes

    UPDATE: S-au adus ceva modificari si la categoriile torrentelor, asadar:
    Filme XviD a devenit acum Filme SD.
    S-a adaugat o noua categorie, Filme 3D.
    S-au scos categoriile Filme Vechi si Filme VCD.
    Ne face placere sa va anuntam ca vechiul buton din meniu, Docs, a fost inlocuit cu Internal, pagina ce va contine toate torrentele urcate de grupurile interne ale FL.

    English translation:
    UPDATE: There are some changes related to torrent categories, so:
    - "XviD movies" category is now called "SD movies"
    - a new category was added, "3D movies"
    - the categories "Old movies" and "VCD movies" are removed
    We have the pleasure to announce that the old menu button, "Docs", was replaced by "Internal", a page which will list all torrents uploaded by FL internal teams.

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    Did someone say "FLCoins"?
    The staff will have prepared some contests FL, but will be others in the coming period!
    Enter here, we participate and take prizes.

    Happy holidays and good health!


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      FileList : News

      After some changes made to IRC bot (System) now idle points are awarded as follows:

      * Default: 0.17 / 5 minutes
      * Addict: 0.19 / 5 minutes
      * VIP: 0.21 / 5 minutes
      * Internal or higher: 0.30 / 5 minutes

      Please report any bugs found here. Also, you are free to give me suggestions, if good, will be implemented.
      For those who wonder, will return and games (battle, iBET etc.) during this week.


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        FileList : News

        Dear and dear users, with joy (or sorrow for some) for improvements to come will know that I worked snatchlist site.

        What does this mean? We can award points to those who are the seed, we can see and detect users who upload fake do, we can see users who are hit and run. In short, we can reward users with common sense and serious and we will be able to more easily flush out those who are a burden to the community.

        I'll be blunt, those who do the hard hit and run please stop it, those who make fake and you upload please, stop. I say nice now to have no unpleasant surprises and say that you did not know. I know I should not say so, it's clear that it's not ok to abuse (and those who are nonsense and they know it) but still I did.

        Anyway do not think that is the case, we all know that you are with good sense and nobody makes nonsense (except the one who took today disable the fake upload). Rather than disable share with left and right, I thought to announce first time.

        In other news, we've never forced users to stay seeding forced as it is on other sites, we did not and we will not do again. True, we could, but we will not do again. All we ask (and it is for the good of the community - for all users) is like any download to keep as seed and others can take what you've already downloaded. It's a matter of common sense, nothing more. We take care that those who really are and taste are the seed to be rewarded.

        Thank you,
        FileList Staff


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          Filelist: News

          FLCoins bonus for seeding torrents kept recalling previous announcement that we reward users who keep seeding torrents, so I started the reward system for state seeding.
          So now those with very poor internet will not have problems.

          Stay seeding and upload or you can buy what you want with FLCoins VIP or made from state seeding.

          How does it work? For each full torrent seed kept FLCoins you can get 0.2 per hour. The bonus applies for up to 10 torrents.

          If you have seeded more than 50 GB in size and total, you will receive one extra hour per FLCoin.

          So you can earn a total of 3 per hour FLCoins seeding State without doing anything else. Please note! - The bonus is given for up to 10 torrents, you can keep multiple seeding torrents and to receive bonus for seeding outfit size of 50 GB.

          But the 0.2 per torrent FLCoins per hour is granted only for a maximum of 10 torrents. - The torrent must be completed, meaning you must download all files that torrent as to appear as a seeder and thus receive state bonus for seeding.

          - You can check to you on the profile (click on your name above right) list of statistics for your torrents are updating statistics between 30-60 minutes.

          So be patient as you are not stealing anything as concrete example for those who may not have understood say 5 torrents downloaded from the filelist with underlying seed. Every hour, so keep seeding torrents in those five will receive one FLCoin client. FLCoins 0.2 per torrent torrents x 5 = 1.0 FLCoins / hour.

          If you say that those five torrents have gathered over 50 GB size (ie three discs are Blu-ray and so manage to have more than 50 GBseeding) also receive one FLCoin per hour because we have size larger than 50 GBseed. So in total you get 2 FLCoins per hour. I gather 500 FLCoins and I buy 500 GB upload the shop, which automatically raise my ration. As usual, the opinions, suggestions, complaints, etc. cursed staff topic here:
 Enjoy! FileList Staff


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            Filelist: News

            Now you can see your statistics in real time on seedbonus system.

            I improved a bit everything and because we always listened to what we wanted the community also introduced a bonus.
            All the details and everything about it there on the shop further down the page:

            As we do not all want when something changes on the system (in case it Changed) please check the shop page now. There any change in case any new change something about seeding bonus system.

            If you have something to say or suggest a particular topic, you can do:

            We hope you like the changes.
            FileList Staff

            You Can now see all your stats in real time regarding the seedbonus system.

            We have it a bit and Improved Because We have always listened to what our community wishes we have added one more bonus.
            You Can see everything on the shop page:

            Every update from now (if we ever change Anything) That Will Be visible on her page please pay attention to it.

            We hope you like the new changes.
            FileList Staff


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              Filelist: News

              We apologize for the downtime, there were some problems in datacenter networking. Nothing serious, but it not depended on us, all we could do was to wait.
              In case you're wondering why we didn't announced on Facebook, because we do not know what the problem is until we received today answered that was resolved. So when we do not announce anything, we want to know that we expect like you to solve that situation which not depending on us.


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                FileList: News

                We apologize for the errors 502 tonight and last night you why below.

                As you probably constantly wiped and poll. Some have probably managed to pull this relatively logical conclusion - especially considering the fact that last night after I wiped poll has recovered - the problems are caused by poll (at least I have come to believe besides a very big coincidence, it is the only option). Specifically, despite the fact that now we have a monster server simply have too many users.

                For example, last night when it began to drop ~ 8720 votes were registered. When a user who has voted access index.php page of your query was executed fetch the responses, resulting in a SELECT-8720 lines.

                Last night was ~ 19 s request / second index.php => ~ 165,680 rows read / second

                The size of ~ 1.7MB table was => read it ~ 32.3MB / s only pollanswers table, if you know and read data from other tables, especially files_users (snatchlist), you realize that this may become a problem.
                Obviously not transmitted user data in raw format, so it's not necessary traffic 32.3MB / s only for replies from the poll.

                Tonight we tried to activate the cache module that is used to browse, namely cachelite, only that it causes another problem, because of the frequency with which votes are cache is overwritten too often.
                First, this is not healthy Since there kill write cycles of SSD. Secondly, the CloudFlare induce in error because now it's content, there's more than 1ms.

                At the moment we are working on optimizing the procedure.


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                  FileList: News

                  I want to thank everyone for the patience you have shown with us, everything works flawlessly now. We hope not to be problems but nothing is certain in this world ... I do not want to promise something and then not be.

                  I do not know how many know but a few weeks back that changed server and its wings about him sometimes ... it's very strong and helps us enormously to the number of users that we have but sometimes need a screw tight, something cleaner etc. . What I say is always working to optimize it and to offer the best experience possible on site. No lag, without downtime, interruptions etc.
                  If sometimes we expected and lasts up to us means no problem. Whatever you resolve new maximum 30-60 minutes. Maxim.

                  In other news, you might have seen that I embellished a little home page. We know that most directly fill torrents page so throw an eye on the home from time to time, especially now we have poll.

                  Not to be annoying spam messages too hard but to let them take your favorite torrent sooner, we will not know when there is a new poll (we will announce only when there is a new news like this), but sometimes we'll use to find out what the community would like. So check the homepage from time to time, especially if you want your opinion to be seen and heard.
                  Always your opinion mattered but because so many unfortunately are sometimes not everyone could hear. Now that I have solved the problem.

                  As always, the opinions and suggestions you have that topic will be displayed below. Can you tell us if you like what I did or if you do not like what came out (what you do not like?), You have wants to see the home page, what other information etc.

                  Thank you for all that you are with us! Together we form and color give this wonderful site.


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                    Filelist :News

                    Today marks three years since 'mystery' our fearless leader has left us. To commemorate it properly, all torrents from this day will befreeleech.

                    God rest your soul Leader!


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                      FileList: News

                      Encoders wanted!


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                        Filelist has scene axx and the scene pretimes are quite good.
                        Winning races on unarchived content !


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                          Ever since it was removed limit of 150 characters per comment and the 1 FLC noticed a tendency for users to call the forum spamming and get your precious coins.

                          It is easy of course that this practice has "legs " always short and that led to the warning person making it, but the emergence of increasingly thick of this type of spam makes us feel the need to remember a paragraph important , existing rules FLCoins section :

                          Do not spam abuse and finally warn you choose / move and win nothing , on the contrary , the more you lose.

                          Therefore , please note that from now on , any move will lead to spam (not warn ) .

                          Thank you for understanding!


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                            FileList : News

                            We have at the moment a few technical issues, that make downloading from the tracker impossible. The issues will be fixed as soon as possible.

                            We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask for your patience. Thanks!
                            Last edited by Fante; August 6, 2015, 07:42 AM. Reason: Wrong sub-forum :(


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                              Filelist: News

                              As it probably noticed that everyone around 2 weeks we have some problems with tracker.

                              By this I mean that sometimes not connected (offline (timed out)).

                              Since the problem is random and not one strictly linked tracker (tracker falls, up and now has five days uptime), we could not identify until now, the source of the problem.

                              We are aware that there were too many problems lately, any downtime we do not agree these sites and thank you for the patience you've had so far in solving them.

                              Also, some said not everything we apologize, because others did not even thank us. That's enough to stay with us in thanksgiving and means a lot to us!

                              That said, please continue to be patient and not to open dozens of topics related to this subject Since there is no one more detail than included in this announcement. The notice will be updated when the problem is resolved and / or new information.