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  • Gazellegames : Tracker and IRC

    Tracker and IRC are down at the moment. They should be fixed in a few hours. There is no need to worry if you get hit and runs as they will disappear once the tracker comes back online and registers the seeds.

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    GazelleGames: Tracker is up!

    Dear members,

    First off, we would like to apologize for the tracker downtime. The servers were restarted unexpectedly which is what caused the tracker issues. We are hoping there will be no further unexpected downtime.

    If you are on HnR watch, please start seeding your torrents asap and you should be fine. In case your account is disabled due to the HnR's you got while the tracker was down, come to #GGn-Help and we'll sort out your account.

    To make up for the time (and the freeleech) lost, we are doing a site-wide freeleech for a whole week!. Note that freeleech torrents are also subject to Hit n Runs so please make sure you seed them properly (or rather keep seeding them forever!).


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      GazelleGames : News

      GazelleGames : News

      A GGN Christmas

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays GGNers! We've got lots of things going on this month, so let's jump right into it:

      Christmas Gazelles Drawing Competition
      You probably already know we make disabled users draw a gazelle to get their account back - well now here's your turn non-disabled user! Draw us a gazelle doing holiday things and win! Must be 100% original creations - no photoshopping images together off the internet. But you can make it in MS paint, Photoshop, with crayons, paint, chalk, pipe cleaners, whatever suits you best.

      1st: 1 game from the 'large' prize pool + 25gb upload
      2nd: 1 game from the 'medium' prize pool + 10gb upload
      3rd: 1 game from the 'small' prize pool + 5gb upload
      All entries: 1gb each

      The games in the prize pool include dozens of steam gifts, keys, etc. that GGN has collected over the years. More expensive games are in the large group, less expensive in the small, etc.

      Entries are due by December 24th. The top 10 entries with the most likes to their post will be added to a site poll and voted on by the users.

      Post your entries here.

      Christmas Decorations
      Let's see your holiday decorations! Take a picture of your Christmas tree or other holiday decorations with your username visible in the photo for us all to see.

      5gb upload for all entries OR
      25gb if your decorations are video game themed in some way

      Entries are due by December 24th. Post your pictures here.

      More to come!
      We have a couple more ideas still being worked on, be sure to keep an eye on the front page as Christmas gets closer!


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        GazelleGames :News

        Everything's back up. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

        The tracker and IRC server is currently down. Continue seeding your torrents, and as soon as we're back they'll resolve.


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          GazelleGames:News 2

          Christmas Freeleech and GGn's Game of the Year 2014 Nominations

          Bringing more prizes to everyone on Christmas! This Christmas, you will be able to enjoy 12 freeleech games picked for you by the staff. Click here to view our Day 1 pick. Check the thread regularly for more freeleech games.

          This year, we are once again bringing you the GGn's Game of the Year Awards. Unlike last year however, you will be able to nominate the games of your choice for each category. And to top it off, the games selected in the final vote will be made freeleech for the rest of 2015! Sounds fun? Head over to this thread to nominate your games.

          Don't forget about the Christmas Gazelles Drawing Competition and Christmas Decorations Show Off. We are giving away awesome prizes including free steam games! Do check them out and participate.

          Enjoy the holidays,
          - GGn Staff


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            GazelleGames:News 1

            Review your Uploads

            All the users are requested to go through their uploads and make sure they conform to the uploading rules and uploading guide. If you have yet to read these two resources, now is the best time to do so.

            Starting next month, staff will be performing random checks on old torrents and marking them trumpable or removing them, therefore it is advised that you fix your uploads by the end of this month to avoid torrent removals and warnings in the future.

            - GGn Staff


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              GazelleGames : News

              GazelleGames : News

              A GGN Christmas - Reminder!

              Yes, we know the tracker is down (see below for more details)... in the meantime, don't forget about our Christmas fun:

              Christmas Gazelle Drawing Contest - Win Steam games and upload! We need at least 25 entries to tap into the bonus prizes!
              Christmas Decorations Show off - Win upload just for showing off your Christmas decorations. We also need at least 25 entries to tap into the bonus prizes.
              2014 Game of the Year Awards - Don't forget to get your nominations in for the best games of 2014!

              Tracker is down at the moment. Please be patient while we investigate the issue. Thank you. If your account is disabled due to Hit n Run or Ratio watch, please drop by #GGn-Help and we will re-enable your account and refresh the HnR and/or Ratio watch as well. You may get the HnR Watch / Ratio Watch reset only after 5 days have passed since you received the PM from System.


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                GazelleGames : News

                GazelleGames : News

                Holiday Freeleeech

                Dear GazelleGames Members,

                We apologize for the long downtime we recently had with the tracker. We are thankful for the dedicated that still keep their stuff seeded for others to enjoy. Even through this downtime, we are still grateful for the Members here. Since it’s the Holiday’s and we just got back up and running, we’d like to offer Site-Wide Freeleech for everyone! Happy Holiday’s to everyone here and may 2015 be another good year here at GazelleGames!

                Freeleech will end on 1st January 2015 at 1200 hrs UTC/GMT


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                  GazelleGames :: News

                  GazelleGames :: News

                  Tracker and IRC Downtime!

                  There's been some issues with one of the servers and we are awaiting the host to answer our support ticket. Unfortunately, it may take some time for the tracker and IRC to come back online, probably a week.

                  Please send a Staff PM if you are just one day away from being disabled by Hit n Run Watch and/or Ratio Watch and we will reset them. Note that:

                  Ratio Watch duration is 2 weeks from the time you get the message from System. Your account is put on Ratio Watch if your ratio is below your required ratio.
                  Hit n Run Watch duration is 1 week from the time you get the message from System. Your account is put on Hit n Run Watch if you have accumulated more than 5 HnRs.

                  Staff PMs and support threads concerning current downtime and how to get out of ratio/HnR watch will be disregarded. If you have any queries regarding downtime and ratio/HnR watch, unless they need to be kept secret, please use the discussion thread.

                  Lastly, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to our users. We will continue trying our best to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

                  - GGn Staff

                  PS: There will be freeleech once tracker is back up.


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                    GazelleGames :: News

                    GazelleGames :: News

                    Bug Fixes In Progress

                    Torrent Celebrity, VIP and Master Gamer user classes can send invites now.

                    Some bugs seem to have surfaced after the tracker was brought online and we are working on fixing them. For the sake of troubleshooting, we have temporarily disabled invites until the issues have been fixed as most of them seem to be affecting our new users.

                    IRC is being worked on but giving an ETA right now is difficult as we are focused on fixing tracker related bugs at the moment. The freeleech will continue for at least ten days from today, an exact date will be announced later.

                    Please report any bugs related to tracker/site stats/torrent here: (View Forum)

                    For general discussion related to current issues: (View Forum)

                    - GGn Staff

                    Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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                      TrackerIP has been updated. It will take a while for the DNS to propagate. If you're impatient, edit your hosts with:



                      --GGn Staff


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                        We're well aware of the issues with the tracker and Hit and Runs appearing even though many of you are still seeding and receiving "Connectable: --" Keep your torrents seeding and the issues will resolve once we get the tracker and site synced back up. Furthermore, don't delete your torrents just because your client says 3 days elapsed, as this time may not match up with the site db at the moment and will actually record these as HnRs. Confirm that the site says you've fulfilled the seeding requirements before removing torrents.

                        Additionally, Vertigo is down at the moment, so unless you're already in the main channel you will not be able to join. Members can still access #GGn-Help.


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                          GazelleGames: News

                          Three days of downtime are matched with three days of site-wide freeleech at GGn. Host issues are resolved and the tracker's back up, so come celebrate with us and grab some games! Freeleech begins now!


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                            Gazellegames : News

                            DDoS attack has returned harder than before, we're discussing options now.

                            GGn Staff.


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                              GazelleGames News

                              We're taking some time to address site issues before returning. GGn is not gone, but we will be down longer than anticipated.