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    Jul-05-14 - New User Classes & SSL Encryption!
    We have now added some new user classes to bitGAMER. As always there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to receive these promotions. For further information please check the link below:

    SSL encryption has also been added. You may need to accept our certificate in order to gain access:


    //bG Staff

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    BitGamer: Freeleech on All torrents

    We are sorry for our recent downtime. Unfortunately there is someone out there that really hates gaming trackers right now.. They took advantage of a vulnerability in our source code and deleted quite a few of our torrents. We have now restored our site with a backup from a few days ago, and we have set free leech on all torrents until further notice. Hopefully this will help everyone gain any ratio that may of been lost. Open registrations have also closed until further notice.

    Please be assured that we are looking into this issue. You may be prompted over the next few days to update your password using more complex characters. But for now, please help reseed our torrents and continue to download as normal.


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      bitGAMER | Free Leech Ended

      bitGAMER | Free Leech Ended

      bitGAMER | Free Leech Ended
      Our free leech period has now ended.

      //bG Staff


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          bitGAMER; News

          Seedbox Button Removed

          We have now removed the seedbox button from our torrent details page. This button is no longer needed and you are able to use the regular download button for both home and seedbox use.

          //bG Staff


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            BitGamer : News

            BitGamer : News

            Merry Christmas - Free Leech!

            Free Leech is now active until January 1st 2015! This means you can download ANYTHING from BG and it will not be counted towards your ratio. Everyone at BitGamer would like to wish our members a merry christmas and happy new year!

            //bG Staff


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              bitGAMER: News

              Jun-08-15 - bitGAMER's 2 Year Anniversary!

              It's bitGAMER's 2 Year Anniversary! Therefore we are giving everyone some presents for sharing and caring.

              - 7-Day Free Leech on all torrents.
              - 5GiG upload credit for everyone.
              - Upload Competition! - Further details in the thread below:


              Also, please remember to post in our suggestions thread. We are listening and want to help improve bitGAMER as much as possible, whether it be with competitions, packs or new designs:


              //bG Staff


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                BitGAMER v2 hacked by IPT

                The BitGAMER v2 tracker has been apparently hacked by IPT, the same way it has been last year.

                The modified front page seems to serve as proof of it:

                For what reason has it been hacked? To prove how easily one can compromise the tracker?

                Anyway, it is quite a blow to BitGAMER v2, that is trying to rebuild the fame and the userbase that it used to have as the original BitGAMER.


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                  IPT did it again.

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                    why IPT hacked and mentioned that they hacked? is it a tracker war going on these days?
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                      From what I've heard and read, it is not the first time they've done this.

                      They supposedly hacked various trackers in the past. Some say it's to kill the competition.

                      Not sure about the veracity of these rumors though...


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                        For those who might have not guessed, the compromised gaming tracker in question is BitGAMER v2. They have been hacked for the 2nd year in a row.


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                          bitGAMER news: Recent Downtime //Posted by Admin

                          Recent Downtime //Posted by Admin

                          Sorry for the recent downtime we experienced. It seems there is someone who has a grudge against bitGAMER. We want to make a few things clear about these recent events.

                          We had some messages on our twitter account asking if we stored member passwords in plaintext. This is not true, and we have never stored any passwords in plaintext. Anyone who would like to confirm this can visit sourceforge and download the original script to see for themselves.

                          It's correct that someone found an exploit within our site code and was able to gain access to our database and add an additional field to try and store members passwords (using an old SHA1 encryption method). We do not store passwords in SHA1 and never will, it is easily decrypted and has been for some time. Be assured that these additional fields have been removed!

                          We have decided to move over to a different source code that is more up to date, and which also allowed us to transfer all of our data. Our most recent backup was from roughly two days before we went offline. We have also added a Passkey System which should help members who use seedboxes. Everyone will need to re-download their torrents in order to be given a passkey. Please remember to search via dead torrents to see our entire torrent collection.

                          We also now have two different themes. Our original dark theme is still available as well as a light theme, go to your profile and change the option under stylesheet to suit your preference.

                          bitGAMER is now invite only and will remain that way.

                          All members have been forced to reset their password due to recent events. Please use a password that is unique to this website and not used elsewhere. This includes using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

                          We are still making some adjustments to the site, so if you find any errors please report them in our forums.

                          //bG Staff


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                            Bitgamer is hacked as off today!

                            The webpage shows many passwords and accounts in simple text and other info.


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                              Looks like they decided to get some vengeance:
                              From the site currently...
                              bitGAMER has been brought offline by uhxuhxuhx. Here are his IP addresses.

                              [see site]

                              Further contact about this domain can be forwarded to: [email protected]
                              Last edited by peterWiggin; November 26, 2015, 12:49 PM. Reason: Not looking to spread ip addresses