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    We are experiencing a huge amount of syn flood targeting our tracker. The tracker may malfunction until we drop the attack.

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    IMPORTANT: Google is *BLOCKING* (BHD) invites sent to Gmail...

    I had some difficulty receiving a BHD invitation sent to my Gmail account (that invitation went right through to my Yahoo! Mail account) and upon signing up, I got an explanation:

    Originally posted by (Recent news)
    2014-06-28 - Our beloved google temporarily blocked our mail server. Please avoid sending invites to any google account.
    I know that several invitation giveaway threads here specify the use of a Gmail account...perhaps the blocking of BHD's mail server this is a phenomena worth keeping an eye on in case Google decides to also start blocking other private torrent trackers?

    Hope that helps! ;)


    p.s. I'm not sure if this is the best way to get this news out there (or maybe this information should be stickied), but IF not I'm sure that a friendly MOD who reads this might give this thread a push in the right direction...?
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      Bit-HDTV : Server maintenance

      Server maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow between 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM


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        Bit-HDTV - new invite forum section

        Hi all,

        We have decided to add new rules regards to our invite forum section, please read the message carefully.

        In light of the recent scandal event that has been released that the owner of these sites (they all share a common owner) and it staff members included, they have been engaged in extreme reprehensible activities, which include trading, stealing of peer and donation extorting (randomly disabling users account an ask for donation to enable), this is beside the DDoS attacks in few tracker sites (BTN, PTP & SCC).

        For those who want to find out more details about this, search for it yourself, we are in no means have part in this, nor we will include any links to the (doxxing).

        We urge our users to not be part of such site(s) for your own safety, stay away from IPT, do not support them in any means, this includes donation, content, seeding, or tracker activity of any kind, and certainly do not recommend any of the site(s) bellow to your friends or anyone what so ever.

        As of this moment, anyone attempt to open a new post about the following site(s), will result to immediate warning and invite rights revoking:

        * IPTorrents
        * TorrentDay
        * SceneTime
        * TorrenTing
        * Deildu



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          I would be lying if I said I didn't see this coming!


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            Bit-HDTV : News

            Bit-HDTV : News

            We are under attack! A heavy DDOS attack is targeting our servers. We do apologize for any downtime!


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              Our firewalls are filtering all the traffic right now. We are going to fix it in the next couple of days.


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                Bit-HDTV :: News

                Bit-HDTV :: News

                720p vs 1080p webl-dl | If you're still undecided then read this:


                Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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                  Bit-HDTV :: News

                  Bit-HDTV :: News

                  4K Blu-ray Confirmed, Coming in Late 2015


                  Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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                    BIT-HDTV: News

                    Bot Uploader.

                    Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you BHDTV.NOT This little tool will make your life much easier.It's a simple two-click tool for uploading your content that includes support for .RAR files as well!

                    1) Install the bot
                    2) Open the settings file, and edit the following:

                    user|password|C:\\uploads|"C:\\Program Files\\uTorrent\\uTorrent.exe"

                    Write your user then your pass (For example Williams|123bear123|) and set the path for uTorrent like the above. Once you've made these changes, save and exit.

                    3) Open v2 from BHDTV.BOT folder and select the file or folder you want to upload(If using .RAR files, it can contain these files as well).

                    Here's a video of the upload. (too lazy at this moment to make one)

                    You can find it here: (View Forum)

                    You may occasionally see "(Not Responding)" in the title. It is okay to ignore this and let the bot do it's thing.
                    It works for any uTorrent version above 2.0
                    You may need to add an IMDB link once the bot is completed.
                    Use the cancel button instead of the 'X'

                    Waiting your feedbacks! Feel free to write any suggestion that could improve it!


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                      bit-hdtv: News

                      Just a little mention. From now on we will set:

                      - free any fresh episode from new TV Shows (S01E01)

                      - make 2x upload count on every new TV Show Pack.


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                        Good news for low ratio users
                        Special Thanks to T-I stuff,rinvite,Thanks For Inviters:Deadgrand,Carsonsdad,Hendry,Toptorrent,Phar123, Siltek,Shaina,Muckcase,Andrelik,lazlo2112,guardian ,robby,mr_man,hugel,N1ck,


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                          Bit-hdtv : News

                          From now on the banner is clickable. Click on it to get an instant search of the movie.


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                            The invite forum was closed.

                            We apologize for any inconvenience !


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                              BIT-HDTV: News

                              If you upload a pack please sent a request throw contact staff with the link of the pack to make it 2x up.