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BrokenStones : World Cup 2014 Contest!

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  • BrokenStones : World Cup 2014 Contest!

    We will be running a World Cup 2014 Contest.

    Yes we are starting a bit late but better late than never.

    The rules are pretty basic . . . you can put in your prediction anytime between now and kickoff.

    The person running the contest will take a screen shot of the thread just before kick-off to make sure there are no hijinks.

    Then the awards will awarded.

    Here are the categories and prizes for each game:

    5 GB of upload for correctly guessing the final score
    5 GB of upload for correctly guessing the player to score the first goal
    10 GB of upload for correctly guessing the player to get the first yellow/red card
    20 GB of upload for correctly guessing the minute in which the first goal is scored
    20 GB of upload for correctly guessing the minute in which the first yellow/red card is issued

    It is ok if you make the same guess as someone else. The award will go to everyone who makes the correct guess.

    Each game will have an individual thread in the following temporary forum: World Cup 2014 Competition

    Here is an example from an already completed game.

    Each guess should look something like this:

    England 2 - 1 Italy
    First Goal by Rooney in the 35th minute
    First Yellow card to Balotelli in the 50th minute

    As of now GaryE will be running the contest but since he will be going out of town during the middle of the World Cup the contest will likely take a pause when he is gone. If you are interested in helping with the running of the contest please pm GaryE (you do not need to be a staffer to help out! You just will not be able to award the awards but tracking them and taking the screen shots of the threads is good enough and GaryE will award the winners when he is able and or he gets back).

    Good luck everyone and have fun!

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    BrokenStones : Technical issues

    Unfortunately we have technical issues for the moment, please try again later.

    In the meantime the IRC channel #BrokenStones at is still open and working.


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      BrokenStones : Technical issues

      We are sorry about the site having been unavailable recently, but the harddrive for the server had a failure and had to be replaced and the server installed again, fortunately the site itself and the database were completely unaffected so there should be no data loss.

      Update: The tracker and site itself seems to be working properly, for some reason there seems to be some issue with the forum section but it's being worked upon along with some overall tweakage, so there might be some small interruptions in the coming weekend but should be nothing over a pair of minutes at a time as most.

      Everyone should thank Hellfairy for his efforts.
      We need to get a beer fund for him or something for him.~ iam


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        BrokenStones Offiline

        BrokenStones Offline

        Site Offline

        The site is offline due to maintenance. The reason for this maintenance is that we detected an intrusion by one person on multiple fronts. Fixing all of the security holes in the old code would not be the most efficient use of time. Therefore, we are moving to a new platform which is vastly more secure. It is going to take some time. We too are frustrated but we are working as fast as we can.


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          BrokenStones: Welcome Back!

          BrokenStones: Welcome Back!

          Welcome Back!

          As you can already tell and heard through the grape vine, the site has been moved to Gazelle. We all need to thank the developers of this source, staff here, and you for being patient so let's get back enjoying BrokenStones. Everyone will need to reset their password. Passwords may be put in your junk folder or blocked by your provider. We will handle accounts with these issues at a later date so please stay turned. Please recover it here!

          Attention: Please note that there is some trouble with email blacklisting, and NO mails will arrive if you have a @hotmail, @outlook, or etc email, so please do not send many repeated requests as it will not help the issue in the least!


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            BrokenStones; News

            DoS Attack

            That was the issue. Let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't happen again soon.

            Enjoy the new site.

            BS Staff!


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              BrokenStones: News

              Guess what we found in that cave?
              2,000 Uploads!

              ****** has hit 2,000 uploads, an impressive feat indeed!
              To celebrate this achievement, everyone* has been awarded 20 Freeleech Tokens, and the size limit for tokens has been raised to 100 GB!

              * Only accounts registered before this announcement (with downloading privileges enabled) qualified for this. If your account didn't exist, was disabled, or had its download privileges disabled because of ratio watch, no tokens will have been awarded.

              • Each token will allow one free download of any torrent you like up to the token's max size.
              • During the celebration the max token size has been increase to 100 GB, good for just about everything on the site!
              • After the celebration ends, the tokens will not expire, but the max token size will drop back down to the new normal size, 10 GB.
              • The celebration runs from now through the 20th of July (UTC)

              If you use uTorrent for Mac or haven't used tokens before then please see the Freeleech Tokens wiki
              Whenever you have tokens to use, they will be displayed at the top of the page next to your required ratio
              Be careful when clicking the FL links. Tokens spent inadvertently will not be refunded.


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                BrokenStones: News


                BrokenStones has a new domain , The old domain will be active for a few more months then it will expire. The previous staff member the .me domain is register to has decided that he will not be renewing this domain. This should give everyone time to get their torrents and bookmarks updates.

                The tracker will be using the subdomain
       in the future. All new downloaded torrents will use this. Do not be alarmed.

                Enjoy the new domain.


                BS Staff!


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                  Brokenstones: News

                  New Torrent and Group Editing Permissions.

                  We have added new torrent and group editing permissions. These changes should help the site stay more organized by giving different classes the access they need to cleanup incorrect torrents. Please visit the "BrokenStones Support"forum for help using these new features.

                  Elite and VIP
                  Can edit any torrent
                  Can edit any torrent group

                  PU and Member
                  Can edit uploaded torrent
                  Can edit torrent group with upload

                  If you notice any bugs while using these new features then report them in the "Site Issues" forum.

                  Thanks and enjoy the site...BS Staff!


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                    BrokenStones : News

                    HTTPS / SSL fixed for

                    Thanks to hellfairy (and LetsEncrypt), is now using a proper SSL certificate, for all your HTTPS browsing needs!

                    Nothing has changed, other than that, and now that the certificate doesn't throw a warning anymore we strongly encourage you to browse the site via BrokenStones or

                    BS Staff!