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  • Originally posted by EndWar View Post
    Not difficult after changing some of the rules, and add, I think better now than before
    Good to hear,btw I don't think they are going to hand out invites,is there any special occasion in the tracker for the happy hour?
    A big thanks for extJSDB for my new class upgrade.
    A high 5 for all my friends .
    Thanks IguessNot for the seedbox.


    • Originally posted by Cafe View Post
      Good to hear,btw I don't think they are going to hand out invites,is there any special occasion in the tracker for the happy hour?

      It's not difficult to seed at all imo. Nope, i don't think there's gonna be any other thing than freeleech.


      • Originally posted by Cafe View Post
        Good to hear,btw I don't think they are going to hand out invites,is there any special occasion in the tracker for the happy hour?
        No invite, happy hours to reach 60.000 torrent


        • BluEvolution is having a category icon competition,prizes are as follows.
          Prizes :

          1st Place: - 2011 Gold Seedbox Courtesy of SeedMyBox
          2nd Place: - VIP Rank For 1 Month and 200 gb Upload Credit
          3rd Place: - VIP Rank For 1 Week and 500 gb Upload Credit
          If anyone is interested in,please check the competition section of forums.
          A big thanks for extJSDB for my new class upgrade.
          A high 5 for all my friends .
          Thanks IguessNot for the seedbox.


          • The DVD Club will close this month:

            This weekend its our birthday, 7 years old online, its have been a blast and we are thankful for all of our supporters over all this years, we made a bunch of good friends on the way and its has being a lot of fun managing this site, but like everything else we also reach our end of life for the past year we hardly got any donations and today we made the last payment to our host using our available money on Paypal this means at the end of March TDC will go offline.
            Like I said its has being fun so let make it fun this last month, FL is on (not that it matters) , we wont hand out warnings or bans just have fun and share with everyone what ever you can and share you final thoughs on the thread bellow


            • SaM tracker news:-

              Hey guys we are having two contest/competitions this month.One is category icon contest and the other is Banner contest.The winners will be given some cool prizes and everyone who participate will be given a prize too.For more info please check the SaM forum.


              A big thanks for extJSDB for my new class upgrade.
              A high 5 for all my friends .
              Thanks IguessNot for the seedbox.


              • TorrentShack News
                New Logo!
                Does anyone here have a interest in making a new logo for Torrentshack? The new stylesheet doesn't really have one. In-fact it's still using a placeholder image I made for testing. I don't like the old one either. it doesn't look good with our current stylesheet. My original idea was to have the logo and text (Torrentshack) separated. After all isn't the point of a logo to instantly identify the "brand" without reading any text.

                A Very Special Thanks
                extJSDB For My VIP Status


                • from blackcat games:

                  "Announcement: Removed the upload gifting option
                  I have removed the upload gifting option from people profiles and you wont be able to access it directly via link either. The reason for this is because alot of people were abusing it and thought it was apparently a good idea to participating in GB upload giveaways on trading forums or invite forums. Now that it has been removed, the people who were giving away that upload credit have been disabled. Those of you who only received, well I removed all that upload credit from your stats and on some people more than they received. "


                  • pretome News and Announcements

                    Preparing For Major Changes

                    As we've mentioned before we are having hardware issues at our current hosting providers. We have decided to move elsewhere, however we need some extra cash to finance this. To give a nice incentive to our users to donate, we have decided to put up for lottery:

                    3 x Kingston V300 SV300S37A/120G 120GB Solid State Drive


                    Drive Type: Internal
                    Capacity: 120 GB
                    Interface Type: SATA III 6Gbit/s
                    Write Speed: up to 450 MB/sec
                    Read Speed: up to 450 MB/s
                    MTBF: 1,000,000 hrs.
                    Temperature, Operating (C): 0 to 70
                    Temperature, Nonoperating (C): -40 to 85

                    Edit: Just so there is no confusion, there are 3 harddisks to give away, so we will draw 3 winners who will each win 1 harddrive

                    Stage 1 server upgrades complete..
                    The process went fairly smoothly. Just a couple of minor hiccups. Great job guys!
                    Thanks to the powers that be for VIP


                    • SceneHD Birthday Design Competition:-
                      Spoiler Alert!
                      As many of you probably know, our 6th birthday is coming up in April and we want to display a kick-ass logo to commemorate the occasion! We are therefore looking for all the artists out there. We want you to design a logo which will be displayed during the birthday week from April 7 to April 14.

                      Time frame:
                      The contest will run for 3 weeks (until March 31) followed by one week of public voting (until April 7). On April 7, the logo chosen by the community will be displayed for one week up to and including April 14, SceneHD's birthday!

                      The same rules as for all logos apply, so please consult the logo upload page as well as the logo forum thread (to check out previous logos and get an idea of what we want).

                      Please upload your logo using the aformentioned logo upload. If you want, you can of course also post it here before the poll is created.

                      The winner of this competition will receive the following prize: 2000 bonus points and 250 GiB upload

                      Everyone who enters the competition with a serious contribution will get 100 bonus points even if we do not end up using your logo.

                      Good luck

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                      TranceTraffic Contest !!

                      Spoiler Alert!

                      Winter season logo / site theme

                      Hi everyone,

                      We finally have our first contest and we are going with a new site theme creation. For a while now I've always wanted to theme the site during the winter season.

                      So for those of you competent in graphics design, here's your chance to shine.

                      You can either create a brand new theme and logo, or re-use images and simply alter them to give them a wintery feel.. maybe some frost, maybe some snow flakes, maybe even Santa clause?

                      We will let the competition run for 2 weeks starting Monday next week (March 10th). Submit your entries by uploading the zip to an online hosting service and sending the link.

                      1st Place - 20 Invites, 3 Month VIP
                      2nd Place - 15 Invites, 1 Month VIP
                      3rd Place - 10 Invites, 2 Weeks VIP.

                      *** BONUS Mini Contest ***

                      Create a bigger sized logo that can be posted on the front page during the winter season. Should include the TT logo or name somewhere. This can be separate from the theme. You can enter this contest even if you are not making a site-theme.

                      The picture I've used before that fits well is 512x384 ( but anything close to that size will work too, can be a little bigger or smaller.

                      1st Place - 15 Invites
                      2nd Place - 10 Invites
                      3rd Place - 5 Invites


                      • BTN

                        SiteWide 2x Upload

                        Time Left:



                        • News
                          ALL should read!: Maintaining your credits and being connectableWe get many CONTACT messages from people asking why their torrents won't seed after they've finished downloading, and

                          I check peer lists quite often, and it is amazing how many peers I see on torrents that are not connectable. If you wish to keep your credits up so you can continue to download the things you want, you really should make the effort to do everything you can to make yourself connectable.

                          Most torrents you're downloading will be uploading data while you're downloading. This is typical, as the connections are established by YOU *TO* the peers in the swarm, so they know how to find you to get data from you. But once the downloads complete, if you're not fully connectable, you'll see the seeding (you're a seed once the download completes) will drop to little, or nothing at all. There are 2 reasons for that...

                          1) You're connectable, but the torrent is now top heavy with seeders. Torrent clients always ask for pieces from the faster seeders in the swarm, so once its top heavy, you may not be "noticed" any longer by other peers still downloading.

                          2) and this is the MOST COMMON reason for NOT seeding... you're NOT connectable. Now that you're not asking for pieces of the file from the swarm, but only offering them, the peers can't get to you because you do not have a port forwarded, or do not have other settings correct in your torrent client (i.e. announcing on a port that is not allowed, using UPnP and announcing on multiple ports).

                          To do the best you can to maintain your credits, PLEASE take the time to make yourself connectable. Instructions and link to (they offer to sell you software to do this - don't bother, you do not need it!), a test link, and TIPS to help you are all in the below listed in the UPLOAD section of the FAQ:

                          Click here: Make sure you are CONNECTABLE by others before submitting any torrent --OR-- when having slow or no seed speed.

                          We understand that there are many members who are in uni's or other type locations where they do not have access to the routers so cannot port forward. In that situation, the best you can do is enable UPnP in your client and hope for the best. There's nothing we can do for you.

                          If you've done all that (correctly) and still have an issue, then there could be a transparent proxy in play.

                          Click Here: Ghost connections, transparent proxy and connectability.

                          It cannot be emphasized enough how necessary it is to be connectable in order to be a successful seeder!

                          DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that just because you're seeding fine to other sites, that you are connectable. Public sites trackers are much different, and many private sites, too.

                          If you have problems or questions, the chat is the best place to ask for help. But please, help yourself first! The instructions at are very good.

                          A Very Special Thanks
                          extJSDB For My VIP Status


                          • change to the CBT carat accrual system:

                            "Bad News first. We Who Look at the Secret Stats have found a disturbing recent resurgence in the same problem we experienced before the Carat system was invented: that old, terrible monster called Seeding Apathy. Why, we wondered, were we seeing less seeders on fewer torrents? The Carat system was invented to prevent that! And for a time, it did. At the current rate of accrual, though, enough users have enough Carats to download whatever they want, so long as they're seeding only a few torrents. What could we do to get things back on track? The answer was obvious: make Carats more valuable. To do that, we first needed to lower the accrual rates. There are too many carats flying around. Well, not flying around, really, due to our small Carat Store (we'll get to that part next), but Carat accrual has far outpaced the needs of the users and therefore, the needs of the site. No seeders, no CBT. We're nothing without you, baby.

                            We have therefore decided, at some great length and consideration, with all the viewpoints you're going to share in the topic about this announcement already offered, to, as a start, nerf Carat accrual. As shown in the FAQ concerning Carats: For every hour that a user seeds a torrent, he or she is awarded with 1%, 2%, or 3% of the downloaded amount in Carats, depending on time seeded--between 1000 hours (42 days), 2000 hours (84 days), or 3000 hours (126 days) respectively. The new numbers will be 0.25%, 0.50% and 0.75%, the hours and days will stay the same."


                            • HD-Spain has opened the invite system again.

                              Tracker Name
                              ReviewSignup Link
                     (Requires invite from another member)
                              Closing Date
                              Today (unknown hour)
                              Site Statistics
                              Around 13000-15000 active users
                              Additional comments IT IS OPENED FOR INVITES!!! (it is NOT an open sign-up)

                              Do I post this here or in "Open tracker" section?

                              I am not a native Speaker so any feedback is welcomed


                              • BitHQ drops the XXX / Hentai categories.
                                With immediate effect all porn is now banned and will be deleted