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  • Trackers with Forex / Stocks / Investing / Trading content

    Hello friends!

    Which trackers could you recommend for content
    Forex / Stocks / Investing / Trading systems, indicators, know-how / courses?

    Best regards!

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    You should to beware about scam platform, so check it at Furion Global.Then you need to aware about what swing high’s and what swing low’s are. I’ve mentioned about it in one of my answers before but I’ll post it again here and then I’ll mark the swing highs and the lows with a help of an image.


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      A lot of people interested in Forex trading then you should totally check out this website where you can learn all the necessary information about this topic. Make sure to check this out for the additional information about this website. Hope that you will like it as well. Good luck.


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        Many traders follow only one method, and the are fails method when many traders give up in the stock market. There is a big reason many traders fails. If this describes you, stop right where you are. Also, when you just start to do it, you can get on scams. That's why before starting, check about scams at


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          Forex is a very good way to make money, but you have to learn about the trading knowledge, and whenever your trading knowledge will be expanded, you can easily make money through forex trading. Also, you can use a forex ea advisor that will help you with trading!


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            Hello. For the most part, forex roboforex trading (check their channel on youtube) is more convenient because it is an exceptionally profitable investment opportunity with the proper expert adviser who will advise your trade and supply you signals, in addition to generally guiding you through the process.


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              Hi. It`s very interesting to know more about forex trackers. I didn`t use it yet. Now I`m using only copy trading software. It helps me a lot to increase my deposit