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  • Best Anime Tracker?

    Im tired of crunchyroll and figured id start getting all my anime like i do my music, tv shows and movies etc. What are the best trackers for anime and what are the odds of me signing up or getting an invite? Thanks in advance!

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    Hey man, I also enjoy watching anime, but what really gets me going is games with anime style art. Suikoden and it's sequel comes to mind, they are one of the best RPGs I've ever played and the art is fantastic there. Have you tried it?


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      Suikoden is definitely one of the hidden gems of the RPGs that is very well-regarded among those who played it. There's not much information available about it, but I did manage to find an article about best Suikoden 2 characters that was pretty helpful. Give it a read if you decide to play through it once again, it's great for building the most effective party for your playthrough.