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educational / cbt / doco trackers? Whats out there?

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  • educational / cbt / doco trackers? Whats out there?

    Hey All,
    Im currently a member on BitSpyder but the sites quite dead and not really supported by its owner anymore, can anyone recommend any other sites for educational videos / docos etc?

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    I recently did signed up at TheGeeks. So far i like it... Got disabled 2 times and got 2 warns, all in first hour after registration.. :D Needed to contact with them in IRC and sort my both "disabled" status..

    1. You can't use VPN / proxy or you will be disabled or given warning. You can use VPN or proxy if you are power user and you have permission from admins.
    2. You can't use mobile / hotspot network or you will be disabled. You can use mobile network / hotspot if you can proof to admins that you have seedbox.
    3. Try to download and seed free torrents, else its hard to maintain positive ratio with no seedbox, imho!

    But after contacting admin in IRC my status is perfect now! ;)

    Hope it helps! :)
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      Well, if you are looking for educational videos then I think you should try some educational youtube channels because there are many of them available. I also use them and I think this is a good idea. By the way, if you need to know about the best writing help then I can suggest to you about website where you can learn that how to write an essay.
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        I used to watch a lot of educational videos on Youtube and just on the internet because I wasn't keeping up with others. My essays weren't the best, and my teacher won't even look through them. Once I decided to get some help writing a custom essay, and served all my needs, so I finally got an A for my work.