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    Hello guys to all of you.!
    After a long time i am back...Many changes on tracker community..Many closed many opened i guess so my question is pretty simple for someone who is "in it"...
    Which tracker should i choose for QUALITY Movies AND TV Series...
    I dont care to have early release or any other thing...Two things are basically my concern....Quality in movie-tvseries files and big variety of movies and tv series...

    Αny suggestions???Something like HD-T? Does it exist anymore?Something better maybe?
    I would also prefer something like ratioless 48-72 hours seed because i might download old files the it wont be able to upload...But if it is also the standard one with ratio etc etc i dont mind..

    Lets hope someone will help me and give me good advice.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Well...I guess none have an answer?


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      HD-Torrents is still alive and its very good tracker.

      MorethanTV is also good movie tracker.

      Maybe you can try IPTorrents - its general tracker but have so many movies and tv series .......