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    I was a refugee from to but I can't seem to log on to site and when I try to recover password it says "There is no user with that email address"?

    Please need desperate help. I tried their irc and they said I need to wait for someone to invite as they can't find my email address Why O Why! it happens to me :(

    Help moi anyone, I shall be super grateful, thanks.



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    This is a quote from them

    " We at (MTV) staff would like to announce that we are opening an interview channel on our IRC network.Interviews will be held on the last Sunday of every month from 18:00-20:00 UTC.
    We will be holding an impromptu interview session RIGHT NOW for 2 hours from time of posting.
    Our IRC details:
    port 6667 or 6669 with SSL "


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      Oh ??it I missed the dead line nooooo

      Well I shall try on the last Sunday of this month (24 Sep)


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        I am trying to join their irc chanel and I cant be it help, normal or invite :( it keeps saying your banned.

        Its the last Sunday of the month and the time is between UTC 16:00 - 20:00 and I will miss the dead line :( Somebody HELP!

        I am in London UK and the clock is ticking 7:53 pm :(

        Why they have banned my IP they need to unban for me to join :( Please help, thanks.

        Why on earth would they ban someone for nothing? What have I done? :( :(

        All I want is to join their site and download stuff since freshon went I have been looking for good site with good reviews.

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          I know the interview window has closed as I missed the boat because of this issue.

          Someone who knows someone there needs to help me.

          They have to unban my IP for me to reach their IRC channels (be it #help or #invite).

          I have even emailed them @ [email protected] with the shot of the irc ban :( as asked.

          I am very surprised as few days ago I was in their IRC #help and regular chat channel regarding when the interviews will happen and they told me "the interviews would be on the last Sunday of every month between UTC 16:00 - 20:00" and suddenly now I can't access it?

          They have to ban my ip for me not to connect to their IRC channels :(


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            Try getting into a tracker with MTV recruitment thread.


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              Originally posted by jiya
              Hi, read my thread I can't as they have banned my IP on IRC :( its not only me there few other people who are going through the same dilemma as me so no can do. Hence he reason for asking if anyone has an invite to send my way, I shall be grateful, thanks.
              You could just change your IP.


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                I'm pretty sure they disabled invites last year when there was some staff shake up. I know I used to have quite a few but have none now and no way to buy them in the exchange store.


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                  Originally posted by jiya
                  I don't buy and sell things its just not in my books.

                  I would rather wait for an invite or be invited.

                  God knows how many scams are around.

                  No thanks I will be patient
                  I meant that members used to be able to obtain invites to give using bonus points but they don't have that option anymore since invites are disabled. Buying was probably the wrong choice of words.

                  As far as I know, the only way to get in these days is through their IRC channel or a recruitment thread.


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                    morethantv invites are not disabled, members are able to send invites
                    but have to manually ask for them through staff PM.


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                      From the screenshot you posted it is clear to see that you were glined from their irc for asking for invites, would be hard to get the g line lifted unless you speak with Staffer who imposed it
                      only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men


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                        Originally posted by Shadowbuild View Post
                        From the screenshot you posted it is clear to see that you were glined from their irc for asking for invites, would be hard to get the g line lifted unless you speak with Staffer who imposed it
                        Hey Shadow thanks for ur message, but thing is for that to happen the ban has to be removed, so I can use their IRC help channel

                        If anyone who is member of from here can help me in navigating how to ask for help or present my case/problem/issue whatever its labelled under I would be very thankful as I can't reach them.

                        I don't use VPN's or any sort of stuff, as I never had problems connecting, call me lucky or just plain stupid

                        Also my job doesn't help, being a doctor I am away most of the time and can't access hospital computer for personal reasons hospital policy!

                        Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

                        Oh by the way in advance Happy Halloween to all kisses and hugs xoxoxo