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What's the best tracker to download TV shows?

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  • What's the best tracker to download TV shows?

    Hey guys, I would like to know your opinion on this topic. I have been using the free tracker eztv for awhile now. It's a good tracker to download TV shows from but sometimes the speed is extremely slow and there is no forum to request other users to seed that torrent. So let me know down below.

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    MoreThanTV is probably the site which you should be after. General trackers like AlphaRatio should also have many of the shows. Nebulance (formerly TransmitTheNet/TTN) is another option. If you are after old TV shows, TV-Vault is the one you need. HD sites like HD-torrents also carry TV shows but it does depend on which shows you are after. The absolute best tracker for TV shows is BTN but it is very very hard to get into and it's probably best to just try to get to the other sites.


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      I'd say BTN


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        Btn is good and next mtc


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          As mentioned above, Nebulance (NBL) and MorethanTV (MTV) are both good choices since Freshon shut down. They have the added bonus of being zero ratio so it's easier to get started as opposed to some of the general trackers. Nebulance in particular has really stepped up their game since I first joined when they were TTN. If I ever find that elusive BTN invite I'll let you know how they are.