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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for pointers as to suitable trackers for retro gaming, specifically for PS2 titles.

    There seems to have been quite some upheaval recently in the gaming tracker scene, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start, so any suggestions are appreciated.

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    bitGAMER is a Private Torrent Tracker for GAMES.


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      I think bitGamer is the best option for you.
      it have a good quantity of ps2 titles, and the torrent coletanies have good seeding and arround 1000+ titles.
      I personaly use it to download my ps2 games and it always satisfied me.

      It is ease-to-in, here is the tracker review.

      There is also the Gazelle Games, that is the best option for GAMES today, but is a bit harder to get in.


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        games is a good site for games and it has spa and eng


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          Hello, does anyone have other ideas?
          I'm searching for a good GAMES tracker.. (since i can't re-join torrentbytes since signups are closed)


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            Hello Guys I am searching for the online canadian casinos. I am so much confused which website to follow. If anyone of you is having experience with this please share your experience. It will be helpful for me to decide. Thankyou so much in advance.


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              That is suitable for me.


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                I've never heard of such a tracker. I think that it might seem like a pretty exciting and valuable tool for many people, but I choose a slightly different method. Not long ago, I got interested in how to bunnyhop in csgo. The thought did not let me rest, and I was constantly looking for resources on the subject. I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for so long and finally found all the necessary tools to do so. Since CSGO is my favorite game, it is essential for me to have access to more advanced services in this area.
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                  Uhh. Pleasuredome is closed today :(
                  Any other tracker with TOSEC and similar retro gaming content?
                  Invite, please :)