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    Does anyone know if there are any trackers out there that are dedicated to high quality music videos?
    By that, I mean from high quality sources like DVD, Blu-Ray, Master etc. as opposed to low quality YT rips or similar.

    Would be great if there was an extensive archive rather than just recent years

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    That would be sweat... I have been extracting mine from YT/others, and like you said the older ones are hard to find. I'm adding them into my Plex/Kodi libraries so when you start playing the song the video plays in the background. No real reason for it, but it looks cool.


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      Not entirely sure if MV ( is still a thing.. Other than that, you have probably read the same reddit post that I did, but some are saying that possible places to find such videos could be: rutracker (RUT), HDgeek (a Russian tracker, more into FLAC content) or just the MVid mentioned above.

      As many have said publicly though, if you find a good downloader and download 1080p you should be pretty good.

      I hope this helps in any way =).


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        MV is still around thanks for the info [MENTION=364532]WesGrace[/MENTION]. Not much activity there, <10 uploads a day, seeders are slow, but a shit load of content. My collection is gonna be frigging sweet


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          I think that Music-Vid it's the best right now , but you can make preseed/upload new content with a good hd tracker or with our famous rutracker .