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Hello, I'm new here and looking for the names of Forex/Stock Trackers.

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  • Hello, I'm new here and looking for the names of Forex/Stock Trackers.


    I'm new here.. And grateful for the opportunity to be here with you guys..It's wonderful to be part of this community.

    My question is about the trackers that have Forex/Stock materials ?

    Thank you :)

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    theVault should have some.


    • #3 has lots of investing stuff.


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        You'll find a lot of stuff at bitme/elbitz communities .


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          Originally posted by Zoee View Post
 has lots of investing stuff.
          Few years ago I used it to get finantial stuff, and there where many, but most of the things donīt have available seed anymore

          Good luck!


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            The minimum investment amount varies from managed forex firm to firm. Some start off with as little as $10,000 dollars to open, and the greater profit accounts may need tens of millions to start off. The dealing platform that the traders use to place the dealings can be downloaded onto the customer's computer system. It will be in view only mode , however and the investor are not able to position any dealings on it. If any dealings are taking place at the time, the depositor can view them occurring as they occur. Reports will be able to be loaded down from the justforex trading accounts. Managed currency trading accounts are excellent for customers that have no time or yearning to understand how to transact for themselves. It is a hands off alternate funding that many clients find extremely desirable.


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              Good evening. I am not using some trackers in my work, but I just received some reports from my broker. I don't know about the opportunity to receive such reports from other brokers, but the full info about mine, by the way, it is called AvaTrade you can learn from this review. I know that there are a lot of other companies with nice terms, but I don't know why I even don't want to try to work with them.


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                Hi friend. It's great that you are interested in the investment topic. I would recommend you to try I've been working with them for a while and think that they have everything you can search for in the broker office. Be sure to check it out in your free time.


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                  im selling it :)