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e-learning tracker for religion subjects?

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  • e-learning tracker for religion subjects?

    Anyone know of a good e-learning tracker with a decent section for material dealing with religion and/or theology? I know that there is some stuff on theGeeks, but it is kind of difficult to just browse without knowing specific titles, since it is lumped into the philosophy section without a sub-genre.

  • #2 is probably what you're looking for.


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      Originally posted by achls View Post is probably what you're looking for.
      Thanks. I thought as much. Guess i'll have to wait for some time to be able to score an invite to that tracker.


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        It's good that I saw your topic. I have long wanted to know what is the difference between a Catholic and a Lutheran? Where can you even read for these religions ??


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          Nowadays very few people are interested in religion. and this is very bad. The difference between Lutherans and Catholics is that Lutherans believe that only grace and faith can save a person, while Catholics believe that faith, formed by love and work, can save, click this source. The difference between the two is that the faith of Catholics is strong in doing good works with the faith that God brings salvation. Lutherans believe that showing love and faith for Jesus Christ brings them salvation.
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