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Looking for a good tracker for latest techno and house vinyl releases

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  • Looking for a good tracker for latest techno and house vinyl releases

    Was wondering if anyone can help me out. Im happy to donate $$ monthly to a good tracker as Im currently buying a lot of music and would love to swap some stuff.

    looking for trackers that have up to date vinyl only releases (if its digital stuff I can just buy that stuff so im not bothered.) It's the vinyl only stuff I want ripped as i don't have a record deck myself

    Genres - Detroit techno, deep techno, dub techno, dub house

    can anyone suggest, many thanks

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    I don't really know. But, you can try in Trance Traffic


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      There's plenty of good dance music vinyl rips over at What.CD. I'm a DJ and get a lot of good Detroit electro stuff from there, and have contributed my own vinyl rips also.


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        TorrentTech is probably one of your best bets for House and Techno. A lot of promo and prerelease stuff there.


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            It seems to me that What.CD has EVERYTHING. I once spent a day trying to find something to upload but it was already there in FLAC/lossless/mp3 whatever it had it.

            It's gotta be pretty rare if What doesn't have it.

            Just remember that if you download at What, it's very hard to maintain a high ratio so don't go crazy on the downloading. Forget about TB's or Gigabytes at What, it's like a battle just to get a few hundred Megs of upload credit.