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    I havent been here for a while its good to see that this forum is still going :)
    So on general slovenian english tracker registrations are open until 6.4.2021 Rewiev is here
    All torrents are currently freeleech and pls read and folow the rules about seeding i suggest that you start downloading some FL torrents fresh and farming them for points etc to avoid system automaticly leech warn and blocked. Seeding rules are ratio 1.1 if this is not possible we follow second rule 96hours you can turn off your clients and resume later. You can translate to english via click on browser translation or set it up in your settings profile once you are in.
    Site info
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    The torrent is the most popular website where we can download the software and the other necessary tools for us. I have found the update on your blog about the tracker registration is pretty helpful. I hope the creative writing help update here is pretty useful please keep going.


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      you can request for app in the site if is not located othervise check category programi pc something like this :) app pc in english translation


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        So good conversation here. I really would like to join to this by telling you about about the fact that I really need to have the best site where I might find security checking. I hope anybody will try to help me


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          Hello! If you do not know how to check how secure your application is, then I want to advise you to the specialists from site that you can find here. They will quickly and efficiently test your application and identify all its security flaws. After that, you can be sure of the security of your app!