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  • Milkie - Open signups I General | 0day | Unpacked

    Tracker's Name: Milkie
    Genre: General
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: 2020.04.30.
    Review's Link: -
    Additional information: A brand new site providing unpacked and 0day/0sec scene content with fast download speeds.
    Categories: Tv, Series, Movies, Apps, Games, Ebooks, Foreign stuffs.
    Join us and be part of our community.
    No rules, just enjoy.
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    looks interesting


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      Sections added: XXX, Foreign TV (hun,spa,pl,nordic)
      Registracion closing date:2019.06.30.

      All stuffs Unpacked!
      RSS available!


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        15 days left! (Eary Bird accounts)

        Closing date: 2019.06.30

        - Only Scene releases
        - Only 0day releases
        - All release unpacked!
        - Ratioless, Early Bird accounts (limited)

        Categories: Movies, TV shows, Music, Apps, Games, Ebooks, XXX

        2019.06.05 New:

        - RSS added
        - AutoDL-irssi added
        - XXX section added (unpacked)
        - HUN TV+Movies added
        - IRC announce channel added


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          New invite link:

          (Invites and Early Bird accounts for limited time)

          - 3x10gbit seedbox with 200+ TB added
          - All stuff UNPACKED!
          - - No ratio, No hnr, just leech
          - Foreign autoupload added (Nordic, Hungarian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch) - only 0sec scene releases (Unpacked)
          - New Design/New Skins in progress
          - Tracker fixed
          - Backup sources with 0sec/0day ftp added
          - Request section soon
          - IRC/Discord information + autodl-irssi added/updated
          - Staff members added with helpdesk/support on Discord
          - 20 invite / user added (limited time)
          - RSS filter updated/fixed
          - Game ISO/RIP unpack problems fixed
          - WEB-DL p2p releases added (TV)

          We have great news to share: we are now out of beta and significantly optimized the site.
          Our community is expanding, torrents are well-seeded and we will launch new features soon. Thank you very much for your constant support! It is truly great to have such dedicated users!

          We would like to remind you that your account comes with free invites which will expire soon.
          Please make sure to invite all your friends at your earliest convenience. We do not hold you responsible for your friends' actions so there is no need to cherrypick them. In fact we even plan to give you rewards if you invite many new members, as we would like to grow even further.
          You can generate a new invite link at the Invite Menu

          Please remember to visit Milkie at least monthly. We might prune inactive members in the future.
          Come join our Discord server to share your feedback or just request a feature - we are listening to you :)

          the Milkie Staff

          New invite link:


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            New design created, CTRL+F5 !
            Still open.


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              - added additional information like genre, codec, bitrate for music category in the list (this will be optional later, options being: hidden, show-on-hover, always)
              - details page for music shows the genres now
              - clicking on genres (both in the list and on the details page) initiates a new search for that exact genre
              - music genre list is lowercased everywhere
              - searches like 's.w.a.t' returns the correct results now
              - settings/rss has been removed, you can now generate RSS links for whatever filter you'd like by setting the filters on the browse page and clicking the RSS button.

              Still open!