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  • Open Tracker: HQBits

    Open Trackers Form
    Tracker Name
    Signup LinkClosing Date
    April 12th, 2018
    Site Statistics
    Torrents 1855
    New Torrents Today 160
    Peers 2031
    Unconnectable Peers 0
    Seeders 1941
    Unconnectables ratio (%) 0
    Leechers 90
    Seeder/leecher ratio (%) 2100
    Additional comments
    New tracker just opened up. Been around for a couple months just now getting some exposure. Great content and some pretty fast servers. Mainly movies, tv, and xxx. Check it out! Friendly staff and they give you some upload credit/bonus points at signup. I noticed they have autodl-irssi available and RSS feeds. If you decide you want to signup, please be active that's all they ask.
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    The sign up page is failing...

    "Ha Ha You Missed, You plonker!"

    And that kind of insult after filling out 15 fields
    shows how pretty dumb ass they are.

    I guess it is time to wait for these clowns to sort their shit out.


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      There is no need for the insults and bashing. Every tracker is going to have issues and unfortunately they had a issue right from the start. Doesn't make them dumb asses and/or clowns. It is a good tracker and has very friendly staff. This isn't their code. They didn't write it. They only modified it to suit their needs as far as layout goes. Hard coding was not done by them, so if you want to insult anyone, then insult the developers.

      Their signup issue has been resolved and have decided to add additional bonus upload credits and bonus points, for the inconvenience, totaling to 10GB upload and 400 Bonus Points. I am not quite sure when they will close their doors, they didn't give an exact date. But i will update this post with a closing date as soon as I hear it.


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        > There is no need for the insults and bashing.

        That is naive, and i am being polite.

        Look, when you go to someones door, and they call you a plonker, then hell yeah they deserve the wrath - and i was measured - you can tell that much.

        They are using code that they have not tested the processes of the front door??!!, Hell yeah they really do deserve a word or three. That codebase is well known, it works, so to try and blame the developer is terrible. If you set up a site, then test it else you are the fool, no one else, and not the developer.

        So, no, best you make sure stuff is fixed if you are that close to it instead of getting defensive when basic kindergarten stuff is pointed out to you.

        Many on here don't care to be your beta testers, and therefore, those will appreciate my report, and the fact it makes you do something - bear in mind many others set up fake websites - not saying you are, but you need to consider your position before preaching to the wise.
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          In other news .... they will be closing their doors tomorrow. So get in while you can :) They are still giving the 10GB upload credits and 400 bonus points upon signing up. For those who signed up, they want to to thank you for registering :) The original post has been updated with closing date. The thread will re-open once open signups come back!