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  • Open Tracker: TorrentCrate

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    Tracker Name
    Signup LinkClosing Date
    Site Statistics
    Registered Users: 1065/10000
    Torrents: 4113
    New Torrents Today: 96
    Peers: 3337
    Seeders: 3313
    Leechers: 24
    Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 13800%
    Additional comments
    TorrentCrate (TC) is a General Private Tracker

    You will notice at first that there are hardly any seeders on their torrents, that's because they haven't built a member base yet for they just opened up maybe a month ago. But, those torrents that they have so far are on amazing servers apparently because I was getting crazy fast speeds getting their torrents! They seem to be looking for uploaders, active users, and what-not. I've been a member since they were in development stage and I must say this tracker is "one of a kind". Not in a bad way, of course! They have a upload bot and their pre times are on point (within minutes if not seconds) and on FAST servers! Now all they need are some active seeders/leechers and they will be on their way up the ladder. They have a nice bonus system to help you maintain your ratio easily. You can even get bonus points just for idling in their IRC channel. They have a autodl-irssi script that the autodl-irssi community added to their repository, which in my eyes, is impressive. If you like autodl-irssi, they most certainly have that available to use. RSS is also available. They take requests to anyone and have a nice forum. Oh, also, when you signup, they automatically give you 2 weeks of freeleech! So they give you time to build ratio!

    I can keep going and going about the positives about this tracker, but I will just let you find out on your own! But, yes, they have so much potential just need you guys and gals to help them out being a active part of their community. So, if you are a active seeder/leecher and want to signup, I encourage you to do so!

    P.S. - **Attention seedbox users** -> If you are using a seedbox, they do ask that you let them know. So, get in contact with a staff member telling them your seedbox info.
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      You are most welcome! Hope you enjoy the tracker :)


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        They closed signups today but you may either apply for invite here or you can wait until they open signups again. Thanks for all who registered they appreciate your interest and support :)


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          Already at 900 members =)

          The tracker keeps getting better and better with the day.
          I'm very content i joined it. Reminds me of the days Sceneacces was easy to get into.
          I'm feeling this tracker is gonna head the same way. Join fast guys!! there is a user cap of 10K members and its a very promising tracker.


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            Not much content yet

            I was one of the first 30 members, I see a lot of potential, but if you're just looking to leech and seed to 1:1, I'd recommend waiting until more content gets uploaded.


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              There is a lot of great content here and it keeps getting better and better :) Keep it up TC! The staff, as well, are very friendly and helpful. Makes the experience there even more pleasant :)