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  • Open Tracker: GimmePeers

    Open Trackers Form
    Tracker Name
    Signup LinkClosing Date
    N/A - but slots are normally very limited
    Site Statistics
    Membership based community that is near impossible to get into any other way. Guaranteed speeds and support to max your network and most servers. 1k torrents posted daily! Superior community support with features not found elsewhere, with much more to offer than listed.

    Come check things out for yourself!

    * Exclusive SSL tracker and community
    * Active Torrents: 148,846
    * Total Peers: 268,201
    * Pre-times comparable to any Top Site

    GUEST CODE: duE40VA20hpsWmy
    Additional comments

  • #2
    In a far lengthier than normal invite email...

    "You will receive 48hrs upon completing your signup to check things out for yourself to become a member"

    48 hours to decide if I want to be a member? No site has ever said this.
    Why would I need/want 48 hours to "check things out" - and before what.. is this a trial 48 hr paywall with disguised wordplay?

    I am highly suspicious of this, and now i think about it, isn't this the Bitsoup
    pay to pirate site trying to come back under some affiliate scheme here ?

    I just looked back in my notes, yeah this IS Bitsoup paywall trying to solicit money from TI members


    • #3
      The only thing being solicited here is a free guest account to look the site over so the member can make an informed decision on what is truly being offered to them.

      Regarding Bitsoup: Bitsoup has been closed for a good year now and is no longer a torrent site.
      While GP may have allowed ex-Bitsoup members to transfer their Bitsoup account to GP, Gimmepeers IS NOT Bitsoup.

      If you feel the need to protect (or warn) TI members, then perhaps your time would be better spent in site security and looking into getting some encryption for TI.
      Especially in regards to account registration and login.
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      • #4
        A "free guest account" is not a free account - all open sites on TI are free accounts not some guest account. There are no pay torrent sites on TI.

        This thread makes out like this is the standard site invite all members on this site expect, this is not the case here.

        Do not claim this isn't solicitation, it clearly is a trial guest account that solicits money to access standard features found everywhere else.

        Edit: and say as much as you like that GP is not BS, some of us were there a year and more ago, like a cowboy company that changes its MD and brand but the old staff have new titles while much is still the same behind the scenes, no, GP is BS (literally and as a brand name) - make no mistake of that fact.

        The guest account is crippled to the point where the user can look but cannot touch,
        and then the *guest* is limited to 48 hours of looking at a poor redesign of tired server software.

        There is absolutely nothing on offer here over what is readily available at over 50 other open access and member access sites.

        But hey, people can make their own minds up, here are some screens for full transparency...

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        • #5
          Thank you for the screenshots, it saved me some time.

          It fully discloses "Membership based community" in the original post, so nothing is being hidden or trying to be.
          This is also fully disclosed in the proper email invitation sent after verifying the guest code.

          There are tons of things we support that other sites do not like full tracker and site encryption, true member support, unique and original site features etc..
          I'm not going to list them all here or in complete detail, but you can go ahead and keep thinking that if you wish.

          People should simply come and see for themselves as posted in the thread header.
          BTW, you conveniently left out some of the things that do separate GP from the rest which makes the site a truly unique place to belong to.

          Anyhow, good day to all as this will be my last post.
          I just wanted to set a few things straight that I felt were being wrongly portrayed and being directed toward a false narrative.


          • #6
            Not one word of what I have said leans toward a false narrative,
            you are either misguided or the main recipient of funds (a rhetorical point).

            "Membership based community" indicates a site with Login that has members,
            it does not in anyway infer a paid membership, so yes, information is hidden.

            However, hidden or vague, it doesn't matter, this thread is 100% not in keeping with the
            values of this site and its users, that is, torrent sites featured on TI are not pay for membership sites.

            About features, site encryption is mostly everywhere these days, and many trackers have enabled encryption this year too.

            "True member support" - what nonsense is that sentence?!
            A user may, on occasion visit a site, to search, browse and download, as a
            member on many sites, I see seriously talented stuff in a few of the them,
            GP is not remotely close to the talent spent on those sites.

            You cannot list anything of value when you have nothing of value to list,
            I saw nothing of value at GP except for a request of value from various credit cards.

            GimmePeers is a pay to use site that offers a modified (and buggy) theme on the same software
            used at the dead BitSoup and ILT sites and is about as "special" as watching Heroes Season 4 and as unique as white paint.

            p.s. and yes I will warn TI members, in my eight years here, they have given me many reasons to give back.
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            • #7
              As I mentioned it states specifically in the invite email that doesn't have to be followed by anyone not wanting to see what's up.

              I could be wrong, but I have yet seen anything listed on this site stating that all offers or threads must be for free-to-use open sites.
              Show me where it is against site rules to post this thread and I'll be the first person to request that the admins remove it.

              The software that is being run is the latest MariaDB I believe, so a little fact checking may be warranted as I know that isn't what Bitsoup was running. Regarding the code itself: mostly custom with very little, if any, of the original dev kit being implemented anywhere onsite. I do find it funny that the bug forum is free of issues if the code was indeed buggy. You are correct though, basic torrents site kits are cookie cut much like forum software with different skins. Not the case with GP.

              Although mainstream stuff you can get on most top sites is there and ready, there is also a lot of custom material and complete packs for example that aren't and so much more. There is also a fully supported request system, so whatever it is can be brought to you personally.

              A membership to anywhere should be about a little more than just a download. Doubtful that you'll find many other sites with multiple private servers, a huge bot network, SSL trackers, site proxies with DDOS protection, a willingness to create new domains for user support and the list goes on and on.

              TI.. see ya!
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              • #8
                The reason there "may" be no rule, is that it is fully expected that all torrent sites listed are free-to-use, there does not need a rule,
                GimmePeers is unique for being the first torrent site asking for money to be a member - that alone is what makes it unique.

                The user will not see any value over the fact the GP backend saves data using the drop in replacement of MariaDB over of MySQL.
                MariaDB is a data save engine and not the actual software used to run the site, fact.

                I said the theme was buggy, not the site. GimmePeers uses a custom version of the site software to
                limit the actions until payment is made to access features normal to everywhere else.

                Many sites have multiple load balanced servers, and are supported by feeds from other networks - nothing new there.

                As I said, SSL trackers are increasing being deployed at most sites that I have seen lately,
                and many have CF or self-built DDOS protection, nothing the average user cares about.

                Most sites have request systems, GimmePeers has not invented that.

                Some will add new domains, others may not - but anyway, GimmePeers is so small it won't feature on a country ban list, so this feature is moot.

                Bottom line, you need people to get your email invite so that they will be inside your sales funnel and won't turn back...
                so I inform TI users up front how your site uniquely asks for credit cards payment for normal use where everywhere else is free
                Last edited by GameOn; March 10, 2017, 06:56 PM.


                • #9

                  Regardless as to how you feel GameOn

                  Your reviews here have been great over the years but in relationship to GimmePeers you seem to have nothing but a hardon agaist them

                  Really does not matter who they have are if people want to be on a membership site that is a choice for them to make.

                  Just because you do not agree with a membership based site does not mean everyone feels the same way you do.

                  With FREE torrent sites closing every day sooner or later others will follow if the formula works.

                  Just to prove a point I just signed up and from what I see they have a decent site with features that I rarely see on even bigger sites.

                  A few bucks a month for zero ads and no requests for donations is fine in my book

                  The entire world is all about ads now.

                  Just a veteran Warez/FTP/IRC/Torrent racer thoughts

                  Also is my very first post on the site wow that took years.


                  • #10
                    So now we have someone apparently *new* who never posted before and is compelled
                    to defend my calling out a pay-to-use site that did not disclose this up front.

                    Why try to complement me? To read like you are impartial?! Your account is being
                    used as bait - we all know Catfish. An account that has never posted all of a
                    sudden finds a need to defend a paid for site that goes against the very principles
                    of warez - hmm, really?!

                    I have been most clear as to why I took issue. Don't try and twist my text.

                    Let me address your claims...
                    1) we are all aware of ad blockers, there's no need to pay to have no adverts
                    2) as one site closes, another 2 open, your statement is trying to say that free
                    piracy will die and pay-to-pirate is the future? hmm, no.
                    3) as governments implement ISP censorship, there are more sites today
                    than ever before, again, 1 down 2 more rise
                    4) new coders grow into the scene, the natural changing of the guard occurs,
                    this process is as old as software itself and will always be true
                    5) it has "features rarely seen on bigger sites" - apart from the feature of
                    "pay-to-use" this is 100% a lie

                    Of course, choose to pay, I never said any thing less. But lets make an informed
                    decision with all facts on the table, the site is a pay to use site.

                    You wanna pay for something that is free everywhere else, fine, go pay.
                    Last edited by GameOn; March 11, 2017, 12:31 AM.


                    • #11
                      So I am right!!!

                      So you are on a bashing spree towards them.

                      Unless people say bad things about them you run your mouth.

                      No worries. I said my 2 cents as you have.


                      • #12
                        No, you are incorrect

                        Nope, I am not on a bashing spree either, I simply
                        don't accept' you trying to defame my words of integrity and my intent to inform.

                        The message is clear. Again, let's make an informed decision
                        with all facts on the table, GimmePeers is a pay to use site.

                        If you wanna pay to use a torrent site, where everywhere else is free, fine, go pay.
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                        • #13
                          Access to download only grants


                          • #14
                            Great tracker, been a member since 2005(Bitsoup).
                            But in recent years, it's getting worse.
                            It's a monthly paid tracker nowadays, too bad: because I've put a lot effort in the website(over 15tb upload).
                            Look for other trackers now


                            • #15
                              This is a pay to play site and it actually does not even begins to represent what a Torrent site is. I will not allow you to come onto my site and place deceptive posts on this Forum.

                              We are pirates that mean we are all here to p2p not to pay to download. Thread closed as site does requires payment for full Membership so therefore it is not in all fairness an open Tracker.
                              only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men