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TorrentBits.Ro Returns Invite Interviews On IRC

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  • TorrentBits.Ro Returns Invite Interviews On IRC

    [quote]TorrentBits.Ro Returns – Invite Interviews On IRC

    If you’ve been in the private BitTorrent scene for at least a couple of months, you should be familiar with TorrentBits.Ro tracker (TBS). TBS is one of the larger General trackers out there and is one of the long standing private torrent sites with over 4 years of lifetime. The site has its roots in Romania and its right up there in the list of respected Romanian trackers along with the likes of iPlay, FileList, LastTorrents, ExtremeShare, SceneFZ etc. Despite being a popular tracker with a huge user base, TBS ran into troubled waters a couple of weeks ago. Misunderstandings between the site administration and its web hosting provider resulted in an extended downtime, prompting many loyal users to think that TBS was shut down for good. This however was not the case. Despite the downtime causing some damage (database deleted along with all user accounts and torrents), the site has returned. Its currently in a phase of rebuilding and launched as TBS Limited Edition (TBS-LE).

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    Source: FILEnetworks Blog

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    a word of warning: they ask for a speedtest from bucharest. i'm terrible at geography, and it took me about 15 minutes to find bucharest on the speedtest map!


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      I have no problem with that part deadgrand but i cant seem to connect to irc #tbs.interview for some reason all i am getting is incorrect key...


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        the interview went really fast for me and received my account info in minutes once it's my turn from the queue. didn't have to do a speedtest from bucharest either.


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          gonna check out this reviews n see if it's fit my needs or not. thanks for info. i saw it on filenetworks.blogspot and i see you're already added source where it is from.


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            Max users 10.000
            Registered Users 7,778
            Torrents 1,209
            Peers 28,545
            Seeders 26,387
            Leechers 2,158
            Seeder/leecher ratio (%) 1223