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    Notice about starting download ratio and seed ratio download check

    At present, the basic requirement for the sharing ratio when downloading is 1, and the value will be continuously adjusted according to the needs of the operation until the appropriate setting value, and will be notified again if there is any adjustment. In view of the large number of newcomers on the site, we have launched a double detection of sharing ratio and seeding ratio. If your sharing ratio is not enough, then the seeding ratio must reach 0.8 to continue downloading. Please read explanation in the the forum about the retention rate.
    The detection opening date is on 8-26, and the data of each type of protection has been basically collected. For users who have registered for 30 days, the new users should pay attention to improve their own sharing ratio or seeding ratio. If in doubt, please add qq official group: 657297434 will help with answers online. management team hereby informs!