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Apollo News - Staff update on the recent situation

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  • Apollo News - Staff update on the recent situation

    Apollo News - Staff update on the recent situation

    As most of you will have noticed, APL has been down for over a week now. This downtime is due to a lack of payment for our backend server, which is a result of the absence of our sysop O.

    I or any of the other staff have no ability to log into the host's website and pay for the server, so there is nothing we can do to resolve this situation. All we can do is hopefully wait for O to return.

    Because O and I are both very strict on opsec, the only ways we are able to communicate are PMs on the Apollo site, and via IRC chat. Because O's personal server is down, he is unable to be online on IRC, and we can't chat on the APL website either because that's down. For these reasons, it is impossible for me and the other staff to get into contact with O, and to ask him to fix the site.

    I am not sure why O has not paid the server, and why he has not made contact with the staff since the site's downtime. I do know however that O has been very busy with real life stuff lately, which might restrict his ability to fix the servers. (Again, O is very strict on his personal security)

    Another possibility is that O lost his motivation for running APL, and is letting it die this way. However, I have been admin of this site for about a year now, and I think it would be unlike O to just walk off and leave us to rot. If O decides to call it quits on APL, I sincerely hope he at least contacts me and gives me access to the database and domain, so the other staff and I can continue running the site we love.

    Sure, there is another sysop (W), but I have not heard from them in months. I know they are also very busy, but it's possible they can check in and fix the situation, if they discover what's wrong. Unfortunately, I have no way of contacting them either.

    Please hold tight and keep all your torrents seeding, we will update you as soon as we can.

    --A***** (and the other APL staff)