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  • TehConnection Reborn

    TehConnection has been Reborn!

    I came to the decision to relaunch TehConnection myself due to the sad fact that the original site disappeared without trace several months ago. I am a firm believer in the here and the now and I don't believe in waiting for something that very well may never happen no matter how good their intentions are. So with that mindset I set about exploring the idea of relaunching TehConnection myself. As you can see we're not using Gazelle and instead are using UNIT3D a new, fresh and up to date script based off the lovely Laravel Framework. I do realize that some people may prefer the old look and Gazelle. However, I seriously did consider going with Gazelle but decided against it once I saw how wonderful this codebase is out of the box. It is my belief it will serve us very well, and it is my hope that you will join me in rebuilding the movies library that the old site once had.

    Bear in mind that UNIT3D is still pretty new and a stable build should be released by end of April named UNIT3D 2.0 LTS (Stable)
    You are all advised to report bugs if/when you find them.[/b]


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    what link?


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      Login - TehConnection


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        Well old login details do not work and open signups are closed.