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WWE sues BitTorrent users in copyright claim

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  • WWE sues BitTorrent users in copyright claim

    Post Date 10.4.2017
    Author: WIPR (World Intellectual Property Review)

    World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Studios Finance has sued a group of BitTorrent users in a copyright infringement claim.

    WWE filed its suit at the US District Court for the District of Connecticut on Thursday, April 6, alleging that the defendants, who are unidentified, infringed and vicariously infringed its copyright.

    According to the suit, the defendants used the BitTorrent protocol to “unlawfully acquire, reproduce, and distribute” a film called “Eliminators”.

    "Eliminators" is a 2016 US action thriller film released by WWE Studios.

    The BitTorrent protocol is “one of the most common” peer-to-peer file sharing protocols used for large amounts of data, the suit said, but WWE has not sued the company behind BitTorrent,

    The protocol allows users to distribute large files without “creating a heavy load on the source computer and network”.

    WWE used forensic software to identify the IP addresses associated with the infringement, the claim added.

    The entertainment broadcaster added that as the copyright was copied to each defendant’s computer, each defendant distributed the work by making the downloadable pieces available to other BitTorrent users.

    WWE asked for actual damages, statutory damages of $150,000 per infringement, costs and jury trial.

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    Source: (Article: WWE sues BitTorrent users in copyright claim)

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    So every one with an infringement needs a bankruptcy lawyer... I'd be like, yea go ahead and take my 10 bucks in the bank, and garnish my crappy wages...


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      Though not to judge but these were most likely traced from some low-level open tracker. I feel bad for those guys now.


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        Yea, most likely from public trackers.

        The sad thing is, they are fighting the wrong battle, with the wrong people. I spend all kinds of money every year at the theater, and at venues... Supporting the artist that I enjoy !!! The only time the artist doesn't get support from me is when their shit sucks.

        I'm sure that most (if not all) of the people that they are suing are fans of the WWE franchise, that spend money on PPV events, venues, and merchandise...

        If this lawsuit goes anywhere, It will just piss me off... But your right, It does suck for those guys going through it...
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          I believe there is nothing what the law can do against torrents :)