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ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Name Shut Down By Registrar

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  • ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Name Shut Down By Registrar

    MARCH 2, 2017

    ExtraTorrent, one of the world's largest torrent indexes, has lost control of its main domain The domain name has been disconnected by the registrar, which has rendered the site hard to reach. However, it's still accessible through several backups.

    With millions of daily visitors ExtraTorrent is the second largest torrent site, trailing only behind The Pirate Bay.
    The site’s popularity puts it in the crosshairs of various entertainment industry groups, who put pressure on hosting companies and domain name services to take action.
    As a result, ExtraTorrent has now lost control over it primary domain Since this morning the site’s domain has become unreachable around the world, and a whois search reveals that this is due to a “clienthold” status.

    This status is set by the domain registrar, Internet BS in this case, and informs the registry not to activate the DNS. As a result, the website in question will be inaccessible.
    Full news: ExtraTorrents Main Domain Name Shut Down By Registrar - TorrentFreak

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    It's back.