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KickAss Torrents Site Resurrected in This New Mirror Site

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  • KickAss Torrents Site Resurrected in This New Mirror Site

    Last July, KickAss Torrents was shut down again as its alleged owner, Artem Vaulin. was arrested. Patrons of the website were disappointed and they thought that the site will never go live again. However, the website is fully operational again recently. KickAss Torrents is now being resurrected through the discreet efforts of the KickAss Torrents community.

    A mirror site for KickAss Torrents was opened and it contained the torrent database of the site. The KickAss Torrents community possess the database of the original KickAss Torrents site before it was totally shut down. Thus, people can now continue on downloading their favorite movies, games, music, and other files just like before, according to Earnspree.

    Music and movies are not the only content that people are downloading nowadays but KickAss Torrents has gone scholarly. This was due to some college students who were uploading their copies of books on the torrent site, and also on sites like Pirate Bay and Textbook Nova. These books on the database can be downloaded for free. Due to the higher cost that college education poses, along with the books, numerous college students have benefitted through these torrent sites.

    According to the circulating reports, KickAss Torrents will not be the last site to be shut down as it is said that The Pirate Bay will be the next target. After KickAss Torrents' shut down, The Pirate Bay was one of the first few options that people resorted to and The Pirate Bay may be shut down next due to violations in terms of copyright infringement, College Board reported.

    Despite the shutting down of the site, the KickAss Torrents community did some work on it to build it all again. The KAT community think of its members as their family members and the site as their home. They have promised to build again the site, should it shut down once again.

    Here's the link:

    KickAss Torrents Site Resurrected in This New Mirror Site [VIDEO] : Trending News : University Herald

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    I would not trust this as an official mirror site given that it is not mentioned at the official Kat community forum and is "apparently" from isohunt. This read and feels more like a social engineering hack. I could be mistaken, but...