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Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine Says Farewell

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  • Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine Says Farewell

    Source: Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine Says Farewell - TorrentFreak, one of the world's largest torrent sites, has announced "farewell" to its millions of users. The meta-search engine, which hosted no torrents of its own but linked to other sites including The Pirate Bay, has decided to cease its operation. The surprise shutdown marks the end of an era.

    Founded in 2003, Torrentz has been a stable factor in the torrent community for over 13 years.

    With millions of visitors per day the site grew out to become one of the most visited torrent sites, but today this reign ends, as the popular meta-search engine has announced its shutdown.

    A few hours ago and without warning, Torrentz disabled its search functionality. At first sight the main page looks normal but those who try to find links to torrents will notice that they’re no longer there.

    Instead, the site is now referring to itself in the past tense, suggesting that after more than a decade the end has arrived.

    “Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines,” the text reads.

    The site’s user are no longer able to login either. Instead, they see the following message: “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”

    TorrentFreak was contacted by the operator of Torrentz, who prefers not to comment at the moment. It’s clear, however, that another major torrent site is shutting down, leaving a gaping hole.

    Torrentz itself never hosted any torrent files but did have a takedown procedure in place, allowing copyright holders to take down infringing links.

    Not all rightsholders were happy with the site though. Both RIAA and MPAA have reported the site to the U.S. Government in recent years, which repeatedly placed it its annual “Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets.”

    With and KickassTorrents both shutting down, the torrent comunity lost two of the largest sites in a period of three weeks. This means that millions of users will have to find new homes.

    Founded a few weeks before The Pirate Bay, Torrentz was one of the oldest torrent sites still around. When Torrentz first came online the site was hosting torrent sites, but it swiftly reinvented itself as a meta-search engine, the biggest of its kind.

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    Such a sad news...goodbye old buddy.....

    Thank you very much SB for Giving me VIP
    if you want any help from me just feel free to PM me Anytime


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      I didn't use the site very much, but when I did I was very happy with the results. Talking to others though, I've realized losing the site meant more than just losing a place to download. It felt like their favorite pro-athlete retiring from the team and leaving them with no other alternative to win a game any longer.